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Trends in Chemical Manufacturing

by Oct 23, 2017Industries

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Anyone who has worked in or paid attention to the chemical manufacturing industry in the past decade has likely seen their fair share of trends come and go over the years. As with any industry, trends can be fly-by-night or have lasting impacts on the future of all companies involved in a particular space. By learning how to identify the presence of upcoming trends, key players can maintain their industry-leading approach to staying ahead of the game and define trends as they materialize.

2018 is right around the corner—here are three upcoming trends in the manufacturing industry you need to be paying attention to.

1. Rising Oil Prices

Thanks in large part to an increase in demand, analysts believe that a significant rise in oil prices is right around the corner. While not phenomenal news for the EU chemical manufacturing industry (where oil is used as a feedstock), rising oil costs in the natural gas-centric United States means an increase in competition that should serve to benefit the industry as a whole.

What does this mean for U.S.-based chemical companies? In order to work with the federal government and DOT (Department of Transportation) or other high-profile clients, it will be important to tighten-up processes and stay ahead of the competition. Axenics can help by providing DOT-approved manufacturing, inspecting, testing, repairing and/or certifying of 4B chemical stainless steel canisters.

2. Chemical “Digitization”

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to ingrain itself into daily routines across all industries, and chemical manufacturing is no exception. While chemicals themselves have yet to be translated into some form of esoteric digital code, the processes and machinery utilized to manufacture them are both seeing the effects of digitalization—and noticeably so. From automated dispensing equipment to customized product-level sensors, chemical manufacturing is “going digital” more and more with each passing year.

Axenics builds containment boxes, chemical filtration and mixing systems and other components that are designed to work in tandem with one another to help today’s chemical engineers achieve success. As the Internet of Things only continues to grow and expand, interconnectivity between components will become increasingly crucial, and our team is constantly striving to stay on the cutting-edge of this new concept of how different technologies communicate with one another.

3. Enhanced Focus on Customer Engagement

Today’s customers are largely more educated and involved in the buying process than those of the past, often seeking detailed information about a specific product or manufacturing process before committing to a purchase. As customer retention plays a key role in success, a growing focus must be placed on building and maintaining customer loyalty across numerous channels. From education via social media to personalized customer service, a strong showing of expertise and support must exist to win-over current and prospective customers.

At Axenics, we believe that great customer service extends back to the process of choosing and developing the right components to handle specific processes in chemical manufacturing. We pride ourselves on working closely with the design and engineering staffs of key players in today’s chemical manufacturing space, custom-building systems to exact specifications and providing the most efficient solution to help you meet your needs. From high-purity plastic piping systems to secondary containment boxes and more, all of our products are tested for superior quality and functionality.

As 2018 approaches, the industry continues to see change on many levels. Stay ahead of the curve, and the benefits of emerging trends in chemical manufacturing can be yours to enjoy.

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