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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Contract Assembly Partner

by Last updated Aug 4, 2022 | Published on Jan 28, 2020Contract Manufacturing

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We’re all seeking ways to become more profitable in the new decade. A contract assembly services partner takes a lot of the concerns and heavy lifting off your team’s shoulders and places it into highly-capable hands. There are lots of companies out there, so we recommend choosing a partner who consistently provides you with lean manufacturing solutions by reducing supply chain steps and eliminating waste.

You need to reduce unit costs of manufacturing to stay competitive in the marketplace. Here are some things to look for and ask about in order for this to become a win-win contract assembly partnership:

Defect-free deliveries

One way to ensure top-quality and a lack of errors is to delegate to a company that assembles manufactured pieces into a complete component or complete assembly. There’s much less room for error when one manufacturer is completing all your assembly needs – and it also saves money in shipping pieces from place to place before they become an end product.

“Axenics has proven that they can be a top assembler, manufacturer and QC. I recommend them highly,” said one of our longtime customers. In the rare instance of a defect, know that your products are guaranteed.

Quality certifications

There’s no wiggle room when it comes to your quality requirements. And, to stay competitive, speed of production and delivery are all also of the topmost importance. You need a contract assembly partner that delivers both.

Axenics has held ISO certification for more than 20 years. ISO 9001 specifies the standards organizations must meet within a quality management system for the purpose of consistently providing customers with the highest quality of products and services possible. Our expert technicians are all trained and certified for the tasks they specialize in to ensure superior and on-time production and service.

Partnership Perks

Our new page details the perks of a contract welding partnership, including:

  • Increased in-house efficiency
  • Faster company growth
  • Added profitability

Production location

Adjusting the physical production space of your new or expanding project can be a huge cost factor if you’re considering leasing additional space or constructing new facilities. Consider a partner who has the space you need now – and one that already has the manufacturing equipment necessary for your production. Increasing your production without an investment in additional space adds to your profit.

Axenics takes on assembly and complete manufacturing projects for companies requiring work in both plastics and stainless steel. Plus, we have an in-house cleanroom for contaminant-free manufacturing projects. We maintain a Kanban inventory system and our MRP system is fully integrated, allowing for efficient scheduling and controlled lead times.

Growing your team

Partnering with an expert in assembly amplifies your team without the need for you to recruit, hire, train and manage new employees or add temporary hires. Reach ultimate efficiency when a partner manages the entire assembly production operation and then ships to the end user.

By doing so, you are able to reallocate your workforce on higher-margin portions of their business, such as product improvement, product development and optimizing the customer experience.

Marketplace advantage

With several sectors of the manufacturing industry getting a recent bump in production, the time is now for you to expand into a hungry marketplace. Delegate your expanding production to a contract assembly services partner to also handle packaging and shipping logistics to free up more of your time. Use that time to develop improved technologies within your in-house team.

Once Axenics becomes your contract assembly partner, get ready for rapid growth and increased efficiency. It’s time to enable your operation to deliver top-quality end-use products with shortened lead times and a decrease in waste.

What to look for in an assembly partner

Our new page answers all your questions

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