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We updated our popular CNC tube bender resource

We updated our popular CNC tube bender resource

There are a growing number of engineers deciding that CNC tube bending is a better option for their production systems versus fitting together or fusing stainless steel tubes or other metals. That’s why we updated our most-popular resource:  Time and Cost Savings with...

Why combine hand welding and tube bending?

Why combine hand welding and tube bending?

Multiple industries that move gases from one location to another – or mix different gases – utilize gas cabinets. Depending on the complexity of the gas transportation system, a combination of orbital welding, hand welding and tube bending helps construct a gas...

Semiconductor industry benefits from plastic services

Semiconductor industry benefits from plastic services

The semiconductor industry might be “pandemic proof.” Despite Covid 19 affecting the world into 2021, the demand for new technology booms. Hence, the need for more semiconductors. Axenics’ plastics team predicted the current need for plastic piping kits for the...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code
We’re a good partner for you even when we’re socially distanced. Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

The Benefits of Quality Assurance & Inventory Management in Manufacturing

by Feb 4, 2021Contract Manufacturing

As you’re likely aware, there’s a lot of competition in all tiers of manufacturing in 2021. Today, we know that a combination of quality and lead time is what customers are looking for. Inventory management and quality assurance in manufacturing are two things Axenics takes very seriously, as they’re proven to be time and money savers for us – and our customers.

Quality component manufacturing is our specialty

Quality remains a critical aspect of contract manufacturing operation, and building quality into every step of production ensures customer satisfaction – and likely a growing partnership.

Our technicians’ skills for built-to-specification components are at the top of the industry. Continuing education and a mastery of techniques means we’re never resting on our laurels. Axenics has nearly 40 years of experience in plastics and stainless steel high-purity welding and tube bending. The techniques improve as technology changes, but our dedication to perfection remains a top priority.

For instance, Axenics’ precision tube bending services ensure that delivery systems that transport gases and chemicals are made to the highest standards.

Axenics’ team has a deep understanding of industry specifications, so returned parts are rare. We guarantee your lead times are met because we will deliver precisely what you need the first time. Our current quality rating is higher than 99%.

Kanban and just-in-time

We maintain an efficient and effective inventory control process for all our customers’ projects, utilizing a lean Kanban project management philosophy aligned with a just-in-time inventory system (JIT).

The Kanban inventory model is based directly on the precise demands of the market as opposed to other inventory models that estimate the number of items the market will demand. JIT is a popular production method where supplies for production are only acquired in response to demand, not in anticipation of – and no more supplies added than what is immediately needed. JIT keeps inventory lean and manageable, reducing the cost of over-purchasing. Axenics’ JIT system allows us to source materials, plan assembly and allocate inventory based on the order load from the top down.

Applying the JIT inventory strategy and the Kanban technique, we maintain inventory processes that increase overall efficiency. By receiving goods only as needed in the production process, we decrease waste and reduce inventory costs for our customers. Lower inventory also decreases the amount of space required to store it, which saves money as well. Our lean Kanban and JIT inventory process also allows us to better control workflow, streamline processes, complete projects on demand and find the best solutions for our customers.

Kanban and JIT methods also allow us to increase the overall proficiency of operations while reducing lead times considerably. This combination of efficiency and proficiency turns into bottom line cost savings for our customers. Cheaper and faster with no loss in quality – that’s how we do lean manufacturing.

Supply and demand

An outsource partner with strong vendor relationships helps you save money on raw materials. Utilizing our established vendor relationships saves you from purchasing raw material components. Our lean approach also means you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment or maintain a larger team than necessary for the long term. Relying on your outsource partner to oversee inventory, machinery and staffing for a project allows you to focus those energies elsewhere.  

Maintaining an effective quality assurance program and inventory program also allows us to work in partnership with our customers by increasing the responsiveness to their needs. Ongoing communication helps us fulfill each customer’s specific needs and situation.

Minimizing waste and lowering costs are the ultimate goals of our management systems. Our streamlined, efficient approach ensures a fast response to customer needs and allows us to guarantee the highest-quality end products.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we don’t work well with others. Sharing a zip code or even a time zone isn’t required for a wonderful partnership, as evidenced in this download.

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Working with a manufacturer outside your zipcode

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