Improving Life Sciences Lab Productivity with Plastics Welding

Our customers in life sciences manufacturing see an increase in laboratory productivity when switching from stainless steel components to plastics. It is a time- and money-saving solution for our scientific equipment fabrication customers.Read more

Manual TIG Welding

Process Control Solutions with Welding

Advancing technology has led to the need for more challenging welding services, such as creating weldments in ultra-tight spaces. Our metals and plastics facilities are always evolving and our expert team of welders is consistently adding skills to meet the growing demands of customers.Read more

Engineering and Design Services, Component Manufacturing

What is prototype welding?

One of the challenges of growing business in the manufacturing sector is sourcing prototype assemblies in an effort to expand your marketplace reach. One of the solutions to that challenge  is partnering with a contract manufacturer with experience and expertise in prototype manufacturing.Read more

Plastics welding

What is Plastics Welding?

Plastics welding is a means to create a molecular bond between two compatible thermoplastics. Plastics welding provides first-rate strength and finished welds are long-lasting, meaning any required replacements and/or repairs will occur way down the line. One way plastic welds prove superior to steel weldments is that chemicals can corrode and contaminate metal, severely decreasingRead more

Plastic welding

9 Frequently Asked Questions About Plastics Welding

Many people automatically think of metal when the topic of welding is introduced, but plastics welding is actually commonplace. This is the recommended solution for our clients in industries such as medical devices, life sciences and semiconductors. Because plastics are generally lighter in weight than many metals, pipe welding can be a faster and simpler fabricationRead more