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orbital welding


Orbital Welding Ideal for Metals Manufacturing

Orbital welding is the ideal solution for many of your custom metal fabrication projects. Axenics’ remains an industry leader in metals manufacturing for more than 35 years. Our in-house orbital welding procedures advance regularly, as we currently use some...

Orbital Welding And Tube Bending

Orbital Welding, Hand Welding and Bending Solutions

Technology advancements across the board keep manufacturers on their toes, as they aim to meet new manufacturing challenges which require metal pipe welding and bending solutions across a variety of industries. Axenics partners with several different industries for...

Orbital Welding And Tube Bending

Axenics Naval Veteran Goes from Nixon to Cleanroom

Dick Carpentier, who oversees high-purity and orbital welding in the cleanroom at Axenics’ Nashua, NH location, will observe Veterans Day on Sunday, November 11, while eyeing his retirement (somewhere down the line). Dick is actually pretty thrilled to be back at...

Dick Carpentier, Who Oversees High-Purity And Orbital Welding In The Cleanroom At Axenics

Morale is Key in Orbital Welding Shops

Bringing in a robot to perform orbital welding tasks in a manufacturing shop can throw a wrench into the works, as far as morale goes. That is not a concern at Axenics, because almost every weld performed is different, so there is no need for a robot that performs...

Orbital Welded Part

What Are the Benefits of Orbital Welding?

Orbital welding produces repeated high quality, consistent welds, and is used often by the technicians at Axenics. There are a variety of reasons to utilize orbital welding for a project. Here’s why we love orbital welding so much: 1. It’s Clean. It’s important to...

Orbital Welding By Axenics

What Do Welding Services Cost?

There are many reasons why companies need to invest in welding services. As with any investment, it’s important to do your research to make sure you’re getting the best value for your dollar. It’s also important to understand that there are a variety of factors...

Welding Services At Axenics