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Strong outlook for fall and beyond

by Oct 15, 2020Contract Manufacturing

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Speaking to our peers in manufacturing recently, we know that most of us faced challenges in 2020 – and not just in the fabrication sectors. One of the top objectives at Axenics this year is maintaining a sense of normalcy on the production floor and throughout our facilities. Some days, work is the only positive escape from the reality of the pandemic for our team.

We’re fortunate that we provide components and kits for the semiconductor industry, one that shows no signs of slowing, thankfully. In fact, all of our semiconductor-related customers grew in 2020. 

The demand for faster, better, stronger – and smaller – technology remains high, and semiconductor technology exists in many devices we use every day. This keeps our technicians in both metals and plastics production very busy. 

Fantastic plastic

Speaking of plastics, it’s thrilling to witness the advances made by our team. The tooling and techniques used by Axenics’ plastics experts allow us to complete projects that others said were impossible. We can’t share too much, as our procedures are proprietary, but the results for our customers are unmatched. Tighter tolerances and modifications allow us to fit plastic tubing or piping into your transportation systems that run potentially hazardous liquids or gases. 

Nasty acids are not a threat to our flawless bent plastic tube systems. 

Plastics welding and bending is an area we’ll continue to keep an eye on, as the demand grows from engineers in Tier 1 to Tier 3 manufacturing. 

A side note, as elective medical procedures slowed or ceased earlier this year, the demand for components for medical devices and life sciences shrank. However, the buzz is those industries are coming back, and both look to have strong forecasts for 2021. 

We’re also curious what vaccine manufacturing is going to look like next year, as several companies get closer to a Covid-19 vaccine. Let me know what you’ve heard. 

And remember, we’re a good partner for you even while we’re socially distanced. Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away with this download.

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