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Semiconductor industry roars on

by Oct 5, 2021Industries

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Despite the ongoing pandemic, this is a banner year for U.S. manufacturing, specifically the semiconductor industry. In fact, we’re experiencing our busiest year to date.

We moved our metals and plastics facilities under one roof in August to Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, as the continued growth of both divisions necessitated a move to a larger, centralized location, to better serve our existing and new customers. The new production facility is 25,000 square feet and provides plenty of room to expand our capabilities. We designed the space to align with our lean manufacturing approach.

The move is especially timely as the demand for components and assembly services for the semiconductor industry grows.

Semiconductor industry is roaring

  • This year, the Senate approved a bill authorizing $190 billion for new semiconductor technology, including $54 billion on chips.
  • There’s also the proposed Facilitating American-Built Semiconductors Act, which would provide a permanent 25% investment tax credit for investments in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • And there’s the $250 billion U.S. Innovation & Competition Act, which would boost federal R&D investment in high-tech fields including semiconductors.

Industry buzz indicates the U.S. will grow its prominence in the semiconductor industry for years to come. Axenics got its start within the semiconductor industry and it’s exciting witnessing the life-saving technologies that come from its expansion.

Gas manifold system in semiconductor manufacturing

One of Axenics’ primary semiconductor industry services is the production of gas manifold systems for customers for use in either the production of semiconductors or for use inside the semiconductors themselves. 

In-house gas delivery systems with gas manifolds help maintain a consistent, speedy workflow on your floor, ensuring your customers will be completely satisfied with the results of the semiconductor components you deliver.

When we provide you with a centralized manifold-based gas system, you’ll easily control the gas or chemical output, rate and pressure. We typically use vacuum coupling radiation (VCR) metal to-metal seal connections to ensure leaks are not an issue.

We use dry processes on the manifold systems we build for gas or chemical delivery. The systems have zero exposure to moisture, until post-testing and installation. The only liquid exposure, once installed, would be chemicals designed to flow through the system. We have processes to keep residual chemical liquids from building up within the system once in use.

We also produce heated custom gas delivery systems based on customers’ designs and configurations, using a special tape that wraps around the tubing and valves. This tactic keeps the system heated to the point where chemicals cannot solidify while in transfer.

Benefits of a gas manifold system for your next semiconductor project:

  • Smaller footprint with less hardware
  • Option for expansion to add additional gas manifolds/lines later
  • Faster assembly
  • Quick potential leak checks
  • Custom fittings that work with your production space
  • Simple maintenance
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to install into your existing system
  • Designed for consistent, repeatable use
  • An overall cleaner system

When creating components for the semiconductor industry, cleanliness is extremely important. You shouldn’t worry about particles that end up in your processes from vendors who do not take cleanliness seriously.

A critical factor in performance for precision gas delivery in semiconductor processing is the reliability and repeatability of the transportation system, especially with such processes as chemical vapor deposition. When you work with our team on specific goals for the system, we’ll predict the quality and performance of these components before they are constructed, helping you to eliminate potential problem points.

Your gas manifold delivery systems will be expertly designed, engineered, assembled and tested by Axenics’ cross-trained team of experts.

Sharing a zip code or even a time zone isn’t required for a wonderful partnership, as evidenced in this guide.

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