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Semiconductor industry outlook for 2021

by Last updated Jul 1, 2024 | Published on Oct 29, 2020Industries

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The semiconductor industry has remained pandemic-proof through 2020 so far. And, the outlook for 2021 looks fantastic with a projected 12% global growth, according to Future Horizons. Axenics is a longtime fabricator of components and a service provider for Tier 1, 2 and 3 semiconductor manufacturers.

While many businesses experienced a slump in manufacturing in 2020, the global market for the semiconductor industry continues to improve, with a 4% total increase this year to $429 billion. Axenics’ in-house team of expert technicians is prepared for the advancing demand for semiconductor assembly and testing services. 

Semiconductors help power our everyday experiences. As our dependence on smart products grows, so does the general feeling – from businesses to consumers – that those products should perform flawlessly from the get-go. Product performance depends on the quality of production, which is why our customers seek partners who can provide speed without skimping on quality.

In order to exceed our customers’ specifications, purity and safety remain our dedications toward semiconductor component manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing services. Our flexibility on the production floor means we’re ready to produce components that will go into your system.  We’re also eager to manage your entire system from design to assembly to delivery.

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End-to-end manufacturing for the semiconductor industry

The semiconductor outlook for 2021 means manufacturers will grow and thrive, which is why utilizing a contract manufacturer like Axenics makes good business sense. Our production areas are designed for precision mechanical assemblies that require pristine cleanliness throughout the production process.

Axenics engineers take on challenges and provide realistic solutions for your critical delivery systems such as:

  • Single-station switchover systems
  • Semi-automatic switchover systems
  • Fully-automatic programmable switchover systems

Our customers rely on our proficiency in precision mechanical assemblies that easily integrate into their production lines. Our mastery of custom fabrications ensures your production operates smoothly – and grows without hiccups.

Solutions for the semiconductor industry

Axenics’ custom fabrications bolsters the growth of the semiconductor industry. Our components fit seamlessly and safely into your new or existing production systems. Here’s an overview of some of our semiconductor assembly and testing services:

Precision tube bending for simple and complex semiconductor assemblies ensures that chemicals, gases and liquids move through your systems efficiently and effectively. Precision tube bending ensures there is no wrinkling, and minimal wall thinning and flattening. That means there’s low risk of chemicals or gases getting trapped inside.

Gas manifolds help move liquids, chemicals, gases or air to more than one location in the semiconductor chip manufacturing process. Axenics’ experts use multiple safeguards throughout the process of building gas manifolds and gas cabinets to avoid any defects. Safety features are top priority in our gas panel construction.

High-purity welding helps gases and chemicals travel through semiconductor production components. Axenics’ expert welders produce clean welds that stop contaminants from getting into metal tube or plastic pipe transportation systems. Welding for the semiconductor industry is conducted in a Class 100 cleanroom, which provides a controlled environment that prevents contaminants from entering the weld area. We use TIG welding for welds with miniscule tolerances that are free of discontinuities and defects.

As the demand for challenging bends and welds grows, our team sharpens their skills, staying ready for the continuing surge within the semiconductor industry. For nearly four decades, Axenics has produced custom fabrications for semiconductor production systems, ensuring your chips get to market quickly and safely.

Download our report, Component Manufacturing Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

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