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Semiconductor industry benefits from plastic services

by Last updated Jul 1, 2024 | Published on Jan 26, 2021Industries

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The semiconductor industry might be “pandemic proof.” Despite Covid 19 affecting the world into 2021, the demand for new technology booms. Hence, the need for more semiconductors. Axenics’ plastics team predicted the current need for plastic piping kits for the semiconductor industry, and increased output late in 2020. The plastics shop is bustling into Q1 2021, too.

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced in early January 2021 that worldwide sales of semiconductors in 2020 substantially outpaced sales for 2019. All indications are there that sales will be even higher in 2021. Future Horizons predicts a projected 12% global growth for the semiconductor industry in 2021.

Axenics performs plastic bending and plastic welding for piping kits that fit directly into the liquid and chemical delivery systems for companies that produce semiconductor chips and components. Meanwhile, semiconductor industry customers are expanding multiple systems of their productions as well. That means the demand for plastic piping kits has grown substantially.

We provide a seamless transition when adding plastic piping into existing gas and liquid delivery systems. Our plastic piping kits ship with connectors that plug into mating units on the customers’ systems. Or, we can mount a series of piping systems together that will plug into your existing fluid line systems.

Work for customers in chemical manufacturing and life science industries has increased, too. Companies in those industries also utilize our thermoplastic piping kits.

A timely shift

Axenics opened its Middleton, Massachusetts thermoplastics facility in 1997, as there was a demand for plastic piping kit production in that area. Today, that demand grows around the globe. With the increased demand, it’s good timing that Axenics is moving its metals and plastics facilities under one roof in May 2021, with a centralized, expanded 25,000-square-foot shop floor in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. 

Looking to the future

Axenics’ proprietary plastic pipe bending and welding techniques have served the semiconductor industry well for more than two decades. The demand for smaller technology grows, so we’re also looking at sharpening our techniques. We expanded the research and development department in 2020, and we’re actively looking at ways to improve our plastics bending tooling and plastic bending techniques.

The vibe of the semiconductor industry in late 2020 into the new year seems to be “cautious yet optimistic” with a steady growth. We anticipate that growth building dramatically by mid-year. Axenics is ready for that expansion.

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