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Selecting The Right Contract Manufacturing Company

by Last updated Jul 13, 2023 | Published on Jun 11, 2019Contract Manufacturing

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A contract manufacturing company such as Axenics form partnerships with original equipment manufacturers in order to get new or expanded products to market efficiently. Whether you’re considering outsourcing some or all of your contract manufacturing processes, determining which company to choose can be a daunting task.

The primary thing to look for in contract manufacturing services is a company’s total investment in the success of your project. Some of our clients had a little hesitancy to relinquish control of their production until we provided detailed information and examples on how outsourcing with a reliable, lean manufacturer could improve their yield and profits.

It’s important to do your research on a potential contract manufacturing company in order to secure the one that will best serve your existing operations standards. Here are four things to look at before you begin working with a new contract manufacturer:

Partnership Perks

Our new page details the perks of a contract welding partnership, including:

  • Increased in-house efficiency
  • Faster company growth
  • Added profitability

1. Ensure the contract manufacturing company has quality assurance procedures in place

For example, Axenics has been ISO 9001 certified by National Quality Assurance for more than 20 years. Our current certification is ISO 9001-2015. That certification demonstrates the standards that organizations must meet with a quality management system to consistently provide customers with the highest degree of products and services.

Also, by maintaining an active ISO certification, Axenics can improve traceability and consistency of the products and services we provide our customers.

2. Ask for specifics on contract manufacturing services

An established contract manufacturing company should be able to provide you detailed information on not only what services they provide, but the training of their technicians, the tooling and equipment used and the production processes. You should also ask about a manufacturer’s ISO certification status, and if their services include testing.

3. Determine how the contract manufacturing company serves your industry

It’s important to partner with a contract manufacturing company that understands the challenges and demands of your industry. We’ve focused on industries that provide life-saving and life-improving technologies and innovations for people around the world. For more than 35 years, we have produced individual components to end-to-end production systems for medical devices, alternative energy technologies and semiconductor manufacturers.

4. Ask for the company’s quality policy

You should seek a partner who can meet or exceed your existing in-house capabilities. Working with a company that has management styles and business philosophies similar to your own is ideal. A good contract manufacturer has quality standards in place, and will follow strict quality procedures as specified to deliver reliable products. Plus, a solid contract manufacturer will also help identify and improve potential problem areas before, during and post production. Axenics currently holds a 99.7% quality rating.

The primary reason you’re even considering a contract manufacturer is to maximize your operations. Think of us as opportunity to double or triple your current production output without having to hire and train new staff, purchase expensive production equipment or source component vendors.

We’re happy to visit your facility to see how we can serve your next big project, and we’re also eager to have you take a look at our production spaces, as it’s also important to work with a contract manufacturer that operates a clean, safe environment.

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Outsourcing with contract manufacturing experts improves your output.

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