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Save time with our thin wall steel tubing size chart

by Last updated Jul 1, 2024 | Published on Jan 13, 2021Pipe & Tube Bending

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The demand for bending on thin wall stainless steel grows in industries that require the safe, clean transportation of liquids and gases. Below you’ll find the Axenics thin wall steel tubing size chart to give you an idea of our most-common requested bends.

Thin wall stainless steel refers to the ratio of the wall thickness to the outer diameter of the tube being less than 6%. The capabilities benefit our current customers, as Axenics’ in-house technicians have expertise in these common bends, materials and diameters of tubes. They can quickly and accurately complete your job, and get your new tubing delivered in a timely manner.

Also, because these are common bends, we don’t need to program new diameters, as our CNC tube bending machine has these bends pre-programmed. We simply place the tube on the machine, and let it complete perfect, repeatable bends.

We purposefully stock raw tubing in various alloys for our most-common tube bending jobs. Often, we’re able to pass monetary savings on to our customers because we buy some materials in bulk to have on-hand at all times.

That said, Axenics manufactures custom tubing in a wide range of diameters, lengths and alloys if the bends in the chart below do not fit your current needs.  

Axenics’ Tube Bending Size Chart

Tubing Outside Diameter (OD)MaterialSizeSize
0.25″, 6.35mm, ¼-inchStainless steel.5″, 12.7mm, ½-inch.5625″, 14.28mm, 9/16-inch 
.375″, 9.52mm, ⅜-inchStainless steel and Copper.9375″, 23.8mm, 15/16-inch  
.5″, 12.7mm, ½-inchStainless steel.5″, 12.7mm, ½-inch1.5”, 38mm, 1 ½-inches
.75″, 19mm, ¾-inchStainless steel and Aluminum1.125″, 28.5mm, 1 -⅛” inches 
1″, 25.4mm, 1-inchStainless steel and Aluminum1.5″, 38mm, 1 ½-inches 
1.25″, 31.75mm, 1 ¼-inchesStainless steel and Inconel2″, 50.8mm, 2-inches 
1.5″, 38mm, 1 ½-inchesStainless steel2.25″, 57.15mm, 2 ¼-inches 


Additional benefits for using thin wall stainless steel tube bending

  • Your entire project becomes less expensive. Thin wall stainless steel tubes bent on a machine require fewer fittings and welds, hence a lower production cost.
  • Tube bending provides an overall cleaner system. Eliminating welds and joints lowers the risk of leaks that can occur in welded or jointed complex assembly systems. Flow restrictions for chemicals and liquids that could get trapped in joints or sharp corners are also eliminated with tube bending.
  • Productions that require a safe transfer of liquids and gases benefit from avoiding the wall thinning that can occur in welded systems, considering many jobs already require the use of thin wall stainless steel tubing. Stainless steel is also known for its anti-corrosiveness properties.
  • With precision tube bending on a CNC bender, the integrity of the thin wall stainless steel maintains its original properties.
  • Thin wall stainless steel tube reduces heat loss if that’s a requirement of your project. For example, the thermal property of welded stainless steel tubes is 24 times higher than copper tubes.
  • You can expect super-high accuracy of tube bends, up to 0.005″ to 0.010.″
  • Higher-quantity projects also benefit from machined tube bending. Technicians run all the tubing for the job through the machine concurrently. The tubing is instantly inspected to ensure the quality of the bends. This is another time and money saver as it eliminates much of the manual work needed with welds and fittings.

While the steel tubing size chart above gives you instant access to our most common bends, remember our in-house experts are skilled at creating perfect custom bends. In fact, that’s often where they shine, as they get to collaborate with you on a unique design and radius so that the tubes fit exactly into smaller or uniquely shaped spaces within your production.

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