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Process Piping Solutions for Chemical Manufacturing

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Chemical technology equipment constructed with ultra-pure process piping results in the reliable and safe dispensing and transfer of potentially dangerous liquids and gases. Axenics partners with chemical manufacturing experts on process control solutions delivered on deadline and on budget.

Process Control Solutions

Assembling and welding process piping with stainless steel and thermoplastics is a top service in our New England facilities. We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the globe to assist with their production pain points. You don’t have to share a zip code to be solid manufacturing partners.

Process Piping in Chemical Manufacturing

Process piping is a transportation system of pipes to move fluids or gases from one place to another. Process piping is also an essential component in chemical production as it utilizes the entire production system via a series of pipe and tube subsystems that mix, dispense and transfer gases and liquids to create a usable product.

We provide process control solutions to OEMs in the field of agrosciences. Creating specialty chemicals often requires the distribution and control of gases and liquids throughout production operations. Axenics’ engineers can help with the design of a process piping system for your present operations where space is a challenge. Our technicians are also experts in high-purity welding, bending and cutting methods, so there’s no need for additional training of your own team on process piping production.

Piping used in chemical manufacturing is regularly exposed to high pressures and temperatures as well as corrosion from toxic gases/liquids, therefore we often recommend the use of high-purity thermoplastics or varieties of stainless steel known for durability. Cleanroom welding completed by our team of experts ensures the pipe fittings are at optimal functionality and purity, though we also perform safety testing.

Specialty Piping Kits

We can manufacture identical process piping kits to meet your exact specifications. We create a part number for simple ordering and the kits install quickly. This process eliminates shop time creation. Your production costs drop by simply reordering your part number to either expand your production or to replace portions of the system due to deterioration from age or corrosion. Once ordered, all the piping, fittings and other materials ship immediately to your facility. Our customers use these kits for the lifetime of their project.

Axenics manufactures specialty process piping kits for gas delivery, DI/RO water and chemical delivery processes. We also construct gas boxes, manifolds and complex assemblies for a wide variety of production systems. Our custom components fit perfectly with your internal process systems so your production will have limited interruption with fast installation.

Safety and Testing

Pressure and temperature changes in your delivery systems often results in damage to components – which can become a safety hazard. We provide non-destructive helium leak testing of process piping for the smallest of leaks. The machines we use for testing get inspected regularly by our team of expert technicians to ensure they are consistently operating at an optimal level.

We also detect issues within your assemblies that have higher risks of excessive pipe wear and failures, and then we devise a solution to eliminate harm from your operations. Axenics often is an end-to-end solutions partner for chemical manufacturing companies, though we also take on component manufacturing tasks when requested.

Working With A Manufacturer Outside Your Zipcode

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