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Preparing for the 2021 semiconductor boom

by Last updated Apr 18, 2024 | Published on Nov 10, 2020Industries

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Innovations in technology historically occur in waves. Research and development in the semiconductor industry is projected to grow in 2021 and beyond, according to IC Insights, an industry market research firm. The buzz is that while top semiconductor manufacturers may have had smaller profit margins in 2020 due to the pandemic, signs point to a prosperous time of production and sales in the near future.

Axenics prepares for industry expansion by anticipating and comprehending the challenges of semiconductor manufacturers. We fabricate components for the machines that make microchips. Those chips go into devices we use daily that keep us safe and informed. For example, the demand for contactless technology increased during the pandemic, and we predict that will continue to grow throughout the decade. 

Traditionalists may not think of Axenics, a contract manufacturer, as a technology company, but in a way, we are. In order to provide our customers in the semiconductor world with components that help refine and produce their microchips, our in-house expertise must stay up-to-date technology-wise. Our areas of expertise remain in welding and bending, but our services and techniques mature with the advancement of technology, and by further educating our in-house experts. 

Smaller. Tighter. Stronger.

These are words our technicians know well as they are the demands we hear from our customers.

  • Smaller: The makeup of semiconductor wafers grows smaller each year, meaning our precision must continually improve.
  • Tighter: This refers to tolerances for welds and bends on the tubes and pipes we fabricate are a consistent requirement from semiconductor engineers.
  • Stronger: While smaller, the durability of our finished products must remain strong.

How to balance your growth

The semiconductor industry growth forecast predicts you’ll have a healthy, but potentially hectic, 2021. With this demand for faster, smarter technology, your customer’s expectations will also grow. But that doesn’t mean you automatically have the increased budget for permanently boosting your infrastructure. Sensible outsourcing makes the most economic sense for 2021. While we manufacture in New England, Axenics is a global outsource partner.

We provide components and services to first and second tier semiconductor manufacturers, including semiconductor wafer cleansing and system integration services. Particle-free systems are essential throughout every step of the semiconductor component manufacturing process, from wafer cleaning to the handling of gases/liquids and everything in between. Axenics maintains a Class 100 cleanroom, ensuring that all weldments, manifolds, gas boxes, tubing kits and other components are free of contamination.

Axenics has stayed current with the changes in the semiconductor industry for nearly 40 years, meaning that decades of customers trust our processes. One way we earn that trust is learning about your operations to provide a strategy that works for your existing production. Through this partnership, we also understand any sources of potential contamination to your components or system so we can develop a process that keeps your products and production equipment clean from impurities.

Working with an established contract manufacturer with decades of experience in semiconductors helps ensure the integrity of your process. It doesn’t make financial sense for us to seek a lot of one-off jobs. That’s why, as partners, we drive to improve your product’s performance, increase its yield and provide the latitude for growing your next technology boon.

We’re a good partner for you even when we’re socially distanced. Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

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