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Plastic pipe welding and tube bending

by Last updated Oct 5, 2022 | Published on May 27, 2021Welding

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Our plastic pipe welding experts always look for new techniques for solving problems other manufacturers call “impossible.” This openness to new plastic pipe welder ideas benefits our customers because it allows them to see their concepts come to life.

Solving a real corker of a problem may take some back and forth collaboration with engineering and design, but we’ll arrive at a solution. Even though we’ve performed plastic pipe welding and plastic tube bending for 40 years, it’s exciting when we see breakthroughs. Our plastics technicians revel in a fresh challenge.

Plastic pipe welding keeps your production running

Axenics welds thermoplastics, including fluoropolymers, in tighter tolerances than our competitors   can achieve. Versatile thermoplastics are ideal for durable, long-lasting welds. Many plastics deteriorate slower than metals, which lends our plastic pipe welding results with staying power.

Welding with perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) is one of Axenics’ specialties. We work with different tiers of manufacturing in the semiconductor chip industry, and those customers’ production systems benefit from low-friction PFA. The plastic is easily formable and offers a super-strong resistance to many chemicals. PFA’s stability also holds up in varying temperature environments, making it the ideal solution for delivery systems where hot or cold harsh chemicals need to flow through seamlessly.

Benefits of welding with fluoropolymers/plastics 

  • Non-flammable
  • Raw fluoropolymers can be FDA, REACH, RoHS and USP Class Vi compliant
  • Chemically inert
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Low permeability

PFA pipe is flexible for multiple configurations

The process of welding PFA pipe into different configurations with a variety of T’s and elbows allows our customers easy access for plugging a manifold into their system with just two end connections rather than multiple.

This process reduces potential leak areas. Using T’s, elbows and other weldable fittings/components also allows them to branch and angle their transportation system into different directions and into tighter tolerances. Space is often a major concern when updating production systems, and plastic pipe welding offers a lot of flexibility for fitting components into a working production area.

We create custom tooling

Bonding with PFA generally happens on ¼-inch to 2-inch pipe, though we work on larger diameters when required. We’re not in the business of telling customers what they can’t do. You may present our plastics team with a new challenge to rise to – and that’s great! Expanding our capabilities using plastic pipe welding techniques is an ongoing goal.

We design specialty and proprietary tooling for applications, allowing us to get closer piping welds or form plastic tubing in ways that others can’t. (That’s why we keep some of our “how we do it” cards close to the vest.)   

Plastic piping kits for the semiconductor industry

Another area of our expertise is the fabrication of components that go into the production systems that manufacture semiconductor microchips. These chips power the technology that keeps everyone safe and informed. With the surge in demand for contactless technology, the need for more semiconductor chips also grows.

One solution for the expanding production of semiconductor chips is our specialty tubing kit. Axenics manufactures PFA tubing kits for our customers to provide tubing from one area of their system to another in one clean, clear shot. This allows simple transport around components and other obstacles in their system with a smooth inner bore. 

The tubing assemblies can reduce potential leak areas along the way or remove areas where liquids could hang up and cause contamination. And, by supplying them as kits, customers can simply plug them into their existing system. 

We’ll work with you devising the end connections for our tubing assemblies that mate with the connections you have on your end. Our plastic pipe welding team is always ready to help you achieve your production goals.

Plastics are your next competitive advantage

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