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Solution Spotlight: Pipe Bending Services

by Aug 28, 2018Pipe & Tube Bending

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If you’re looking for high-quality, cost-effective pipe bending services, look no further. Axenics employs a Horn Metric TBRE Hybrid CNC Bender that performs unmatched precision pipe bending. Our precision pipe bending capabilities eliminate the need for original equipment manufacturers to purchase the variety of expensive joints and fixtures that are required to do joint welding.

Pipe bending performed with a CNC bender can be used in medical device manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, chemical manufacturing and alternative energy processes, and can involve various types of metal, including copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and Inconel.

What can it do?

We have a free download giving specifics on the capabilities of our CNC bender, but some highlights include:

  • Our CNC bender produces quality bends, with an accuracy of 0.005” to 0.010”.
  • It bends one part per minute, much faster than manual bending.
  • It has automatic mandrel lubrication for better lubricant control, resulting in optimal mandrel bends.
  • The CNC bender is an environmentally-friendly solution for a variety of bending projects.
  • 3-D designs can be imported, eliminating the need for a perfectly-engineered, time-consuming drawing.

How will it save me money?

Utilizing the automated functions of a CNC bender is a time saver which translates directly into saving money. Pipe bending is basically automated with a CNC bender, which cuts the need for several welders on a large project. The machine performs the majority of bends, which are then double-checked by a technician, which also reduces labor costs.

You can relax knowing that your end products will be free from defects, with the CNC bender producing the exact same pipe bending time and again, saving time and money compared to manual bending.

While one of our top focuses is time-and-money-saving capabilities, quality never takes a back seat. Our cross-trained team is ready to give you end-to-end custom piping kits created with quality control in mind. In addition, we also provide gas boxes, complex assemblies and custom tube bending, cutting and welding services, making us a one-stop shop for your manufacturing needs.

Don’t get your tubes in a knot!

Review the capabilities and specifications of our CNC tube bender.

Download The Pdf
Horn Metric Tbre Cnc Bender Capabilties

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