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Component Manufacturing

Tube brazing

​While we specialize in TIG aka GTAW welding (manual and orbital), our technicians sometimes use tube brazing when joining metals. Brazing is similar to soldering but done...

Tube Brazing By Axenics

Hydrogen fuel cell welding

We’re dedicated to the advancement of clean energy, specifically lowering emissions. Hydrogen fuel cell welding on three-pass heat exchange components for electric vehicles is one of our top concentrations.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Welding
Component Manufacturing

Manufacturing assembly services

​A trusted outsource partner that provides manufacturing assembly services can help manufacturers boost their output. Outsourced assembly services can also help all tiers of manufacturers save money on training and equipment.  

Medical Device Components

Contract welding

Contract welding entails a manufacturer hiring an outside partner to produce welds on components or welds on final products based on the hiring manufacturer’s design and specifications.

The Orbital Welding Process Is An Economical Choice For Those Requiring Weldment Perfection

Precision welding

Precision welding, such as TIG welding, produces clean and exceptionally accurate welds. Precision welds are defined as the purest welds for joining tubes and fittings on both metals and plastics. A precision weld’s bead fully penetrates the inner wall of a tube,...

Axenics Manufacturing Services

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