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Download free plastics manufacturing guide

Download free plastics manufacturing guide

​Plastics manufacturing may be a good solution for the transport or mixing of liquids and gases in your production system. There may be a risk of metal components corroding or decaying with the transport of caustic chemicals. In those instances, plastic pipe or tubing...

Semiconductor industry a boon for us in 2021

Semiconductor industry a boon for us in 2021

We’re sure many of you in the semiconductor manufacturing industry are keeping up with the news on the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which could soon bring $52 billion to American semiconductor R&D and manufacturing.  It’s an exciting time for Axenics to be...

Contract manufacturing solutions for life science

Contract manufacturing solutions for life science

The United States life science industry is predicted to grow at 8% annually, reaching $427.78 billion by 2027, according to Market Research Future. Axenics supplies critical components to the manufacturers of patient diagnostics and performs contract manufacturing for...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code

Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

Outsource with Manufacturing Companies in NH

by Oct 8, 2019Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies in NH can add value to your operations even if your operations aren’t located in New Hampshire! Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) rely on competent contract manufacturers to leverage production with an expanding or new line.

For example, Axenics partners with OEMs around the globe on component development and manufacturing of full, end-to-end systems. We’ve been at it for 35 years and we’ve got a stellar reputation, but if you’ve never considered outsourcing some (or all) of your manufacturing projects, here are some enlightening benefits:

No need to share zip. Here’s why.

Advance your existing systems and expertise

Industries such as life sciences and others that produce medical devices utilize contract manufacturing in New Hampshire as new technology emerges. Outsourcing with an organization that already has a team of highly-skilled technicians, state-of-the-art specialty equipment and rich industry expertise is a wise play. Leverage the industry knowledge, labor force, equipment and facility space of an established contractor to achieve considerable time and cost savings across the board.

You gain the benefit of the NH manufacturer’s established expertise and staffing without the added expenses of hiring and training new team members for your organization.

Better utilization of resources and space

Working with an established New Hampshire contract manufacturer frees up pricey facility space. Be more effective by utilizing a contractor’s location for production work and inventory storage. You free space in your facility for core, in-house business processes. Plus, your existing warehouse space can house inventory for future or expanding projects. Be smart about your precious space.

For example, Axenics relies on lean manufacturing inventory programs, which help avoid bottlenecking. Components and assemblies deliver when you need them, rather than taking up valuable space while stored unnecessarily for a long time. Entire assemblies for production can also be produced and delivered avoiding the need to store components at your location altogether. Another benefit: order ongoing assemblies knowing they will arrive quickly and consistently.

Process innovations

Growth for OEMs is often hindered by the lack of a consistent and experienced production team, insufficient space for expansion and aging machinery. Technology changes consistently, requiring the need for upgrading equipment and keeping the team trained on advances. Consider passing the manufacturing tasks and facility maintenance to experts. Then, focus your efforts on improving product design and services to meet your customer demand.

Lower your overhead

The challenges of overhead costs for brick-and-mortar businesses cause many of them to close their doors, unfortunately. Many just can’t keep up with demands as more business comes in. Outsourcing some or most of the manufacturing process eliminates the need to purchase raw material components, invest in expensive equipment or consistently maintain a big team. It also frees up capital for upgrades, future projects or to fall back on if business unexpectedly slows.

Improve your competitive advantage

Manufacturing companies are always looking for cost reductions wherever possible to stay competitive. Outsourcing manufacturing materials, facility space, expertise and other items allows you to lower in-house costs, meaning you can share those savings with your customers! Time and resources saved by outsourcing processes increases your profits, as your team concentrates on customer relationships, engineering, sales and marketing for growth.

Axenics calls NH (and Massachusetts) home but we’re open to partnerships wherever you are. There’s a lot more valuable information in our whitepaper:  Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code. You can always reach out for questions, or if you happen to be in the neighborhood, a tour of our facilities.

Working with a manufacturer outside your zipcode

No need to share zip.

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