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How much does welding cost?

How much does welding cost?

We’re often asked “How much does welding cost” with regards to component manufacturing. There are several considerations that account for the cost of welding services, and it makes good business sense to do your due diligence when investing in outsourced welding...

Meeting the demands of a white-hot semiconductor industry

Meeting the demands of a white-hot semiconductor industry

​The semiconductor industry is arguably the hottest topic in global manufacturing today. While news persists that the supply isn’t meeting the demand - with President Biden signing an executive order in February to improve the supply chain for the U.S. - we’re feeling...

Axenics’ plastic welding expertise on display in Welding Journal

Axenics’ plastic welding expertise on display in Welding Journal

​The demand for plastic welding services grows along with the white-hot demand for semiconductor manufacturing. Plastic welding is a specialty of Axenics’ welding experts, and their techniques are profiled in a new article in the March 2021 issue of Welding Journal...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code
We’re a good partner for you even when we’re socially distanced. Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

Minimize production time with assembly manufacturing

by Sep 10, 2019Contract Manufacturing

Improve production times without having to add regular staff members or increase work space and in-house materials by partnering with an assembly manufacturing partner. Whether your current product line grows or you require new, custom, precision fabrications, outsourcing some or all of the tasks keeps your existing facility running smoothly.

Axenics works closely with our customers to document the required work procedures for a project, solidifying inventory requirements, packaging needs, etc. Our partners often re-allocate their team and production space to focus on higher-margin business elements. Working with an assembly manufacturing partner frees up precious time to increase profitability by concentrating on customer relationships, engineering, sales and marketing efforts.

Learn how effective working with a contract manufacturer can be. Click here.

Our customers provide their quality standards and we follow strict procedures as specified to deliver high-quality products. Plus, we can also help you identify potential problem areas in products and spot potential risks during the process.

Consider partnering with our expert team on assembly manufacturing services such as:

High-Purity Welding

A dirty weld or a weld with high oxidation causes contaminants to release into stainless steel tubing, damaging it over time and creating a shutdown of the entire transportation system. The loss of time and money can be disastrous.

That’s why we perform high-purity orbital and/or gas tungsten arc a.k.a. TIG welding for our customers. Orbital welding is the cleanest and most efficient way to join stainless steel tubing. Argon flows through the inside of the tubing and through the welding torch to prevent oxidation from occurring.

TIG is also a clean welding process when performed by journeyman welders. It’s preferred when a very tight weld is required, and is the best solution for joining root passes – the heart of the weld.

Hydrogen dispensing systems for the alternative energy industry rely on clean, orbital weldments to ensure zero risk of micro contamination. Flow control systems in the medical field require every element to be bacteria-free, and orbital welding offers the cleanest welds possible.

Part of that is due to welding in a clean environment, such as Axenics’ Class 100 cleanroom. We use a proprietary cleaning process on all tubing, beginning with 18 megaohms (MΩ) of deionized water to clean out each tube.

Process Piping

Your next delivery system solution includes ultra-pure process piping to mix, distribute and control liquids and gases throughout your production operations. Process piping converts a variety of chemicals, fuels, gases or other raw materials into functional products.

We’ve been producing process piping kits for reliable and safe dispensing and transfer of volatile liquids and gases for more than 35 years. Our team uses a proprietary method for thermoplastics welding resulting in a delivery system that withstands high temperatures and maintains its original composition without breaking down.

Axenics’ engineers help original equipment manufacturers design process piping components that fit exactly into your present operations. We use your specifications for high-purity welding, bending and cutting methods. Before process piping leaves our production floor, our quality control team performs non-destructive helium leak testing to guarantee it is free of faults.

Apply the benefits of working with an assembly manufacturing partner to improve production time on your day-to-day operations. Axenics’ team of experts is but an email away.

Working with a manufacturer outside your zipcode

Save money via our lean, one-stop shop.

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