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Meeting the demands of a white-hot semiconductor industry

by Last updated Apr 18, 2024 | Published on Mar 25, 2021Industries

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The semiconductor industry is arguably the hottest topic in global manufacturing today. While news persists that the supply isn’t meeting the demand – with President Biden signing an executive order in February to improve the supply chain for the U.S. – we’re feeling the heat in a good way! Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing is thankfully voracious in its growth. 

Axenics’ in-house semiconductor manufacturing services are thriving, keeping everyone on our production floor hustling. Even our cautiously-optimistic contacts believe this level of production will continue through at least July, while some see the demand for semiconductor chip-related manufacturing remaining robust through the rest of 2021 – and beyond. 

Global call for more semiconductor chips

The need for more semiconductor chips comes as no surprise to us, as the pandemic accelerated the need for a wide array of contactless technology. The requirement for additional chips does, however, put some strain on raw material production and deliverability. 

We watch this closely so we can maintain our lean manufacturing procedures while balancing with speedy access to the materials necessary to manufacture our customers’ components and production systems. 

After an uncertain 2020 for global manufacturing, it’s a welcome relief. Our entire team loves being active and engaged, and we’re ready to tackle any challenges the different tiers of semiconductor industry manufacturing brings our way, be it:

Gas cabinet and gas manifold solutions

Manifolds are utilized in the semiconductor industry to move or mix gases, liquids, chemicals or air to one or more subsystems within a manufacturing production. Gas cabinets or gas boxes often house those subsystems, therefore gas cabinet safety and gas box safety are critical elements of our production process. (We use the terms gas cabinet and gas box interchangeably.) Axenics’ team employs multiple tasks throughout the process of building leak-free and defect-free gas manifold and gas cabinet solutions.

High-purity bending and welding solutions

High-purity welds help gases and chemicals travel through semiconductor manufacturing components. Axenics produces flawless welds, keeping contaminants from getting into tube or pipe delivery systems. Our high-purity welding for the semiconductor industry is done via a Class 100 cleanroom, preventing impurities from entering the weld area. Our journeyperson welders eliminate dirt and other contaminants to highly reduce the potential oxidation of the welds.

Bending tubes to exact specifications for simple and complex semiconductor manufacturing delivery systems ensures that chemicals, gases and liquids move through production efficiently and effectively. Precision tube bending is the method of creating tubes that are bent without any inside or outside diameter imperfections. There is no wrinkling, and there is minimal wall thinning and flattening. Semiconductor manufacturing takes advantage of the innovations in tube bending as the process solves the issue of fitting smaller components into precision mechanical assemblies. Axenics’ experienced team ensures a correct bend every time.

Silicon wafer cleaning process

Through electrostatic force contaminants can bond directly to the silicon wafers used in semiconductors. This causes them to function improperly unless the wafers are thoroughly cleansed prior to implementation. Our manufacturing technicians ensure that any materials we use for semiconductor industry customers are free of contamination before the product is assembled. This ensures your delivery arrives “clean” and ready to install into your production.

The strength of American manufacturing is on display here in New England and across the country. We’re fortunate to have added some great technicians late last year as work for the semiconductor industry ramped up. We’re hopeful and confident that domestic manufacturing will step up and fill any gaps created by this global demand for newer, faster and better semiconductor technology. 

Here’s to a rewarding spring (and beyond).

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