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Manufacturing Metals: Tube Welding, Tube Bending and Specialty Piping Kits

by Last updated Dec 2, 2021 | Published on Nov 28, 2017Component Manufacturing

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When it comes to manufacturing processes, there are a variety of metal components making up equipment and machine systems. The tubes will need to be bent and welded to accurate specifications to handle the intense pressures and loads they experience. In addition, different types of tubing may need to be joined effectively so welded areas don’t experience premature failure.

Here at Axenics, we have certified welders, tube benders and specialty piping technicians who are helping OEM companies with their metal manufacturing. Our specialization in these services allow us to provide a higher level of work quality while keeping your costs low. In addition, there are many different methods we can employ based on the specific process, project or application that the metal will be used for in your operations.

TIG Welding

When working with a variety of metals that need to be fused together with and without filler while eliminating splatter, many welders turn to TIG welding services, TIG stands for tungsten inert gas, or you may hear it referred to as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW). In TIG welding, two metals are joined together using heat from an arc created by a non-consumable tungsten electrode and a base metal. To protect against oxidation, we use an inert shielding gas of high-purity argon.

TIG welding can be used on a wide range of metals that include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and Inconel alloy. We can perform small welds that are ideal for the chemical, medical device, alternative energy and semiconductor industries. TIG welding is also ideal for performing fillet-welded joints and butt welded joints.

TIG welding can provide two different metal joining methods: autogenous weldments or homogenous weldments. Autogenous weldments do not rely on filler materials while homogenous weldments will use a filler material. If you are seeking welding services that use a different filler material than the base metal, we can perform brazing and soldering processes.

At Axenics, we provide TIG welding services when you are looking for cost-effective metal manufacturing where you desire clean critical joint welds as well as precision weld solutions.

High Purity Welding

OEMs in many industries require clean operations when producing products. Even the slightest speck of dust or grit can contaminate processes and components, ruining the quality of end products and machinery. When operations require the welding of metal materials, the weld must be of the highest quality. If a dirty weld is created, it can lead to increased oxidation, which can lead to contaminants getting into the entire project system.

High purity welding offers precision welding techniques performed in a clean room environment. This method ensures that durable and clean welds are created when joining metals together. The welders at Axenics can provide two high-purity welding services to manufacturers in the form of orbital welding and TIG welding.

Orbital welding solutions are one of the cleanest techniques available. It is often used for joining flanges, tubes, elbows and other components. TIG welding is another common welding technique that can be performed to join root passes. Both welding solutions are done in our Class 100 Cleanroom to ensure a contaminant-free environment.

Tube Bending

You need tubes angled in specific ways to form solid connections and to fit into constrained spaces. Yet the price of buying joints, elbows and flanges and having them welded together may not be in your manufacturing budget or appropriate for your application. Instead of tube welding, tube bending performed by Axenics may be the better solution for you

Precision Hand Bending

When you have small bending projects to be performed, precision hand bending tools can be the best solution for your needs. This economical service is best for tubes where the bend doesn’t need to be repeated throughout the project, although the bend may be less accurate.

CNC Bending

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) bending is often desired when you are looking for larger bends with higher accuracy. This process is ideal when you need repeatability in your project.

Tube Cutting

Obtain tubing that is cut exactly to length with Axenics tube cutting services. We perform an exceptionally clean cut using a facing tool and cut off tool to ensure accuracy. Then we provide custom finishing services for a clean look.

Specialty Piping Kits

Inefficient processes can plague manufacturers and can lead to high costs and operational waste. You can make your processes more productive when requiring metal manufacturing by seeking out specialty piping kits.

Specialty piping kits provide the ultimate solution when you need tubes bent and cut to specifications continuously during the life of your operations. The kits are made to specification and ready to ship out with a customer using a single part number to place the order. The kit will provide all the tubes already cut and bent to the exact dimensions and produced in a cleanroom environment. You can meet deadlines without taking time away from other operations to perform your own cutting and bending tasks by simply requesting a specialty piping kit from Axenics.

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