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Precise Manufacturing for Medical Devices

by Last updated May 13, 2024 | Published on Jun 27, 2017Industries

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Market reports for 2024 indicate that the United States is the largest consumer of medical device products, and makes up 39 percent of the global device market. Manufacturing for medical devices demands are increasing steadily with the growing aging population, which has a strong need for improved healthcare technology.

A Need for Valuable (and Affordable) Resources

Now facing a significant increase in demands for medical device products, manufacturing for medical devices companies are looking for ways to meet those demands without having to invest in additional equipment, labor, and facility space upfront. They are looking for reliable assistance with producing components and complex assemblies for the products and systems they manufacture.

A contract manufacturer can provide access to those things, without the overhead costs associated with building out additional business competencies. This empowers smaller medical device companies to leverage the valuable resources of an existing organization – state-of-the-art equipment, clean room facility space, and experienced technicians – without having to make a significant investment upfront.

Component Manufacturing and Complex Assembly Services

Axenics offers a variety of services to serve manufacturing for medical devices companies, such as specialty piping kits, precision and CNC tube bending, tube cutting, stainless steel manifolds, electromechanical assemblies, tube assemblies, TIG manual and orbital welding, and specialized gas systems, among others. The specialty piping kits that Axenics designs help reduce maintenance and make installation easier for our medical device customers, as the kits are exactly the same, every time. Kits can be ordered with a single part number, rather than having to order multiple part numbers, which lowers the risk for ordering errors.

All components and assemblies are built with clean materials, in a clean room environment, and all of the component manufacturing and complex assembly services we provide are performed with the highest level of precision. We also perform standard quality testing services for all of the units we produce, in order to ensure the highest quality products possible.

Axenics offers a variety of services to assist the medical device industry, such as specialty piping kits, precision and CNC tube bending, tube cuttings, tube assemblies, TIG manual and orbital welding and specialized gas systems.  Specialty piping kits designed by Axenics help reduce maintenance and make installation easier for medical device clients since the kits are exactly the same every time.

Caleb Blanchette, an Operations Manager with Axenics, focusing on plastics, said they regularly perform plastic bending of tubes as small as ⅛-inch. He said Axenics uses techniques for tube bending that are unique to the manufacturing industry. For some manufacturing for medical devices companies, plastic is the optimal choice to ensure high purity and high cleanliness and to avoid the contamination that could occur when some metals flow through metal tubing.

Axenics receives raw tubing that has been professionally cleaned and bagged by the plastic supplier. This process reduces the number of contaminants on the plastic from the start.

Precise plastic bending ensures that multiple fittings are not needed, so there is less opportunity for bacteria to grow. It’s a smoother transition for liquids to get from A to B in a device. Depending on the client and the use of the tubing, Axenics utilizes a Class 100 Cleanroom for bending.

Axenics products are carefully inspected and helium leak-tested before leaving the facilities to ensure that they meet or exceed customer expectations. Maintaining a cleanroom and testing lab at the facility allows clients to focus on optimizing manufacturing for medical devices processes.

Manufacturing for Medical Devices: From Concept to Completion

Many medical device manufacturers don’t realize the full benefits that contract manufacturing companies can offer. In addition to providing access to necessary resources, a contract manufacturer can help an organization take a game-changing concept and develop it through to production. At Axenics, many of our clients come to us with a basic idea or sketch, and rely on our engineering and design specialists to develop an entire concept from start to finish. Products can be designed, fully assembled, and shipped back to the client, while also meeting each client’s unique needs, challenges, and deadlines.

The Axenics Advantage

At Axenics, we understand the multifaceted demands of medical device component manufacturers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive manufacturing services, which encompass everything from tube bending and cutting to manufacturing complex assemblies.

Our strategic inventory management, including stocking common fittings and maintaining robust vendor relationships, ensures we mitigate lead times effectively.

Our dedication to building a highly skilled and cross-trained production team ensures we maintain a quality rating above 99%, with minimal part returns. Our ethos revolves around delivering the right solution the first time, aligning our capabilities with your manufacturing timelines and quality expectations.

Choosing the right medical device component manufacturer is a decision that reverberates through every facet of your product’s lifecycle. It requires a partner like Axenics, which not only meets the current industry standards but is committed to innovation, quality and flexibility to meet future challenges.

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