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Lead Time is Big Differentiator in Electronic Component Manufacturing

by Last updated Dec 2, 2021 | Published on Jul 3, 2018Component Manufacturing

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In the 30-plus years Axenics has been in the component manufacturing industry, there have been shifts in the expectations of customers. Quality was king; then it shifted to price. Today, we find that a combination of quality and lead time is what customers are looking for.

Quality component manufacturing companies are in huge demand today. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the biotechnology and medical device industries are creating brand-new technologies, and those systems have to go through many steps before seeing a final product, including manufacturing components and likely altering those components until they are perfect.

There are several reasons why Axenics continues to deliver high-quality components – and quickly.

Axenics stocks many of the common fittings that are used across multiple industries. Having great relationships with vendors is also key, as parts can be ordered quickly. We have seen lead time for parts go from one to two weeks to more than two months in some cases, so we believe having common fittings ready is a smart way to do business.

It’s important to bring on and empower the best lineup for the organization. We cross-train our production team to ensure we can provide top-tier service. They understand the industry specifications, so Axenics has very few returned parts. Our quality rating is higher than 99%. We ensure your lead times are met because we will deliver precisely what you need the first time.

We’re proud to declare that component manufacturing is our specialty. With decades of experience, our skills to create components built-to-specification are at the top of the industry. Our technicians are creating components daily utilizing high-purity pipe welding, TIG welding, CNC tube bending and cutting for piping systems. Since you won’t have to ramp up those skills or purchase that machinery, you can focus your energies elsewhere, saving time and money.

Tinier Chips, Bigger Room for Error

Smart devices for the home continue to keep the semiconductor industry churning. Every new electronic device needs components, and they are getting smaller and smaller with each generation of the product. Creating the miniature chips for the semiconductor industry requires experienced processes. One little defect can throw an expensive, time-sucking wrench into the works.

As a Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturer, Axenics supports OEMs by supplying the components and complex assemblies needed to manufacture these new chip technologies. Our bending and welding services streamline OEM operations by providing the sophisticated equipment required to produce semiconductor chips consistently.

Axenics’ precision tube bending services ensure that semiconductor manufacturing equipment, especially those that move gases and chemicals, are made to the highest standards.

Lower Costs and Improve Quality

Learn how moving from component manufacturing to complex assemblies can solve common problems in a variety of industries.

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