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Improving Manufacturing Services with Advanced Technology

by Last updated Aug 13, 2020 | Published on Jul 25, 2017Contract Manufacturing

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The manufacturing industry has been growing stronger in recent years, in part due to a variety of technological advances that many manufacturers and their suppliers are implementing. Technology is changing the way manufacturers store and access data, and how we use that data. Throughout the industry, there is a focus on gathering as much data as possible, storing it securely, and using it strategically to predict the future.

Axenics Tech Changes

At Axenics, we work hard to continually improve the manufacturing services we provide, which means constantly evaluating our processes, equipment, workforce, and technology, and looking for ways to do everything more efficiently. From our IT department, to manufacturing, the sales team and quality department, we regularly analyze our results, looking for ways to make improvements wherever we can.

In an era where technology is changing at an exponential rate, we understand the importance of not only being up to speed on the latest trends, but also adopting the trends that have potential to make our business better in the long run. In order to better serve our customers, and to keep up with the latest trends in the industry, Axenics is undergoing some significant changes when it comes to tech.

We’re investing more in our IT development in three main areas, so that we can create and maintain a strategy for long-term success.

  1. Cloud Services
    Our IT department is moving towards developing a secure cloud system, where we can securely store data and files for better accessibility. IT will allow us to connect data from various equipment with the necessary software in real-time, resulting in improved operational efficiency. This will also allow us to cut down significantly on printing documents, saving time and money, as almost everything can be accessed and utilized within the cloud, with a few exceptions.
  2. Going Mobile
    Axenics understands the value of adopting a more mobile-friendly operation. We know that others in the manufacturing industry who have made the switch to more mobile-friendly operations have benefited from it significantly. Mobile technology can improve communication and collaboration across various departments, which ultimately leads to better efficiency, fewer errors, faster production times, and better quality deliverables.According to a recent RSM Manufacturing Monitor Survey, “more than 60 percent of US manufacturers are expected to increase their budgets in 2017 and to invest in new state-of-the-art mobile and supply chain technologies as well as CRM systems.” Axenics isn’t planning to be left behind. While we do have a robust and dependable CRM system, we’re currently working towards implementing a mobile MRP system. This will allow users to better manage resources, while moving throughout the facilities, and beyond.
  3. Predictive Analytics
    In order to sell and stock materials and components more efficiently, we’re working on implementing predictive analytics for our sales cycles and manufacturing operations. This will help us to better predict the demands for certain services and the materials required, so that we can provide shorter lead times, and better meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we can keep downtime to a minimum by using preventive maintenance methods to ensure that all of our equipment is operating properly when we need it to.

Through each technological advancement we implement, Axenics is taking a conscious step towards better serving the needs of our customers now, and in the future.

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