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Why combine hand welding and tube bending?

Why combine hand welding and tube bending?

Multiple industries that move gases from one location to another – or mix different gases – utilize gas cabinets. Depending on the complexity of the gas transportation system, a combination of orbital welding, hand welding and tube bending helps construct a gas...

Semiconductor industry benefits from plastic services

Semiconductor industry benefits from plastic services

The semiconductor industry might be “pandemic proof.” Despite Covid 19 affecting the world into 2021, the demand for new technology booms. Hence, the need for more semiconductors. Axenics’ plastics team predicted the current need for plastic piping kits for the...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code
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Solution Spotlight: Gas Boxes to Speed Your End Results

by Oct 23, 2018Contract Manufacturing

The demand for high-quality, complete gas delivery systems continues to rise as advancements grow in a variety of industries, such as medical devices, semiconductors and alternative energy.

At Axenics, we use the terms gas box and gas cabinet interchangeably. Gas boxes can give your team a centralized location for gas cylinders and regulators, as pipelines push gases to output locations throughout your multiple workstations. Having a centralized gas system in place offers you better control over the gas output, rate and pressure.

We can provide you with a gas delivery system while ensuring the entire system is designed, engineered, assembled and tested by our team of experts. Once it arrives to you, the gas box is ready for installation.

There are benefits to having us create a complete gas cabinet solution for your production floor:

Complete Systems Save You Money & Get You to Market Faster

Some OEMs choose gas cylinder rentals, but rental prices will rise over time. Plus, you’re at the mercy of the rental facility, and you are potentially losing money while waiting for the empty gas cylinders to be replaced.

Gas boxes manufactured by Axenics provide you an efficient way to deliver gas through your systems. Implementing an in-house system means gas cylinder changes are convenient and won’t disrupt workflow on your production floor. With in-house engineering and design experts, we will help you determine the right type of gas delivery system based on your goals.

If your operation is growing, you’re likely already aware that adding components one at a time results in stretching your completion dates. Rather than purchase and install gas box components piecemeal, let us assemble a full gas box system for your current – and upcoming – needs.

We continually stock many common parts and fittings for gas cabinets, and our strong relationships with vendors will allow us to build a gas box system for you at a reasonable cost to you, no matter what components are necessary.

Cross-Trained for Expert and Safe End Results

Our employees are cross-trained for every aspect of a gas box build:

Another element to consider, you may need a gas monitoring system if you’re using toxic or flammable gases as they can sometimes build up in an enclosed room. We can assemble this system for you.

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to installing a gas box system. You can be assured that the end product we deliver to you has reached or surpassed every safety guideline.

The Benefits of Strategic Outsourcing

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