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Coronavirus and U.S. Manufacturing

by Mar 16, 2020Axenics

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic affects all of us in varying ways. As this post is written, the country is under a National Emergency, institutions and businesses are temporarily closed and people are keeping their social distance. We’re all concerned about the future. 

That said, I remain strongly optimistic about the long-term effects of this global challenge. The crisis in China seems to have plateaued, and everyone I talk to in the industry is being smart about their choices. At Axenics, we’ve had no one out sick, we’re all washing our hands and using antibacterial wipes consistently on work spaces. As the CDC informs us, we keep the team educated. 

Business continues – in fact we’re still getting large POs coming in that see the strength in American manufacturing continue into the summer months. Much of our supply chain is U.S.-based, but so far, there are no factory shutdowns to my knowledge that will negatively affect supply and demand. 

We’ve weathered storms before, and we believe that remaining level-headed and prepared will see us power through this. 

Here’s to a healthy 2020 all around.

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