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Contract Manufacturing Works Even If You’re Not Local

by Jul 24, 2018Contract Manufacturing

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How do you determine who best suits your contract manufacturing needs. Do you stay local? In-town seems like a good idea, right? Not necessarily. Just because someone who provides a service you seek is down the street does not automatically make them the best option. There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a contract manufacturing company. At Axenics, we strive to be a better option than the guys up the bend, or across the country, for that matter.

Axenics’ lean manufacturing process of operating a one-stop shop will lower your costs and keep them down. Our top-tier customer service is guided by open communication with you. By getting to know you – and your current suppliers – we will develop a manufacturing strategy that improves your bottom line.

We place great importance on being accessible, whether that means being able to travel to you to meet face to face or getting on a conference call to discuss your needs. Technology has found multiple ways to bridge the gap that many miles can put between us: Skype, phone calls, messaging, email, video conferencing – there’s no excuse for not staying connected. We promise to be accessible so we can stay connected to you. More than that, we promise to be proactive in communicating with you.

To start, we will ask you questions like:

  • Have you outgrown your current supplier?
  • Is your supplier overwhelmed by the demand?
  • What are your pain points?

We will utilize your responses to offer you a better solution. Our goal is to keep our costs low without sacrificing quality. You can shop around and check out other vendors but you aren’t likely to find anyone more competitive than us in our core areas.

At Axenics, we don’t just tell you the ways we’re the better contract manufacturing choice; we demonstrate it with our four-prong approach to customer satisfaction (the same approach that earned us a recent Supplier of the Year award from one customer):


Our 2017 Quality Rating was 99.74%. Axenics maintains a culture and attitude of excellence in everything our employees do at all levels of the organization.

Lead Time

Our processes allow us to fulfill urgent orders. Plus, we identify processes that could be holding you back and correct them.


Quality still has meaning here, though we maintain our competitive edge.


Our reaction time is swift, and we always keep the lines of communication clear. This means keeping our ear to the ground and staying ahead of the game, ready to ramp up your program at a moment’s notice.

Words mean nothing without actions behind them. So, once the introductions are out of the way, we put action behind the talk. We don’t just tell you the ways we’re the better choice; we demonstrate it. Our engagements usually start with a single order — or a prototype order.

Descriptions and explanations are great but they can’t tell the whole story. One order from us will give you the full picture. We want you to see our commitment to quality and service, let you hold our component or assembly in your hands, let you implement it and see it in action.

Typically, our new clients have had trouble with other contract manufacturing companies, experiencing issues like poor lead time, high costs or delayed responsiveness. The best way to find out what anyone needs is to have a conversation with them. The most important part of that conversation, though, is listening. We are great listeners because we know that is the best way to get to know you and your needs.

From a single part to a complex system, Axenics can meet your contract manufacturing needs.

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