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Contract Manufacturing in the US Saves Time and Money

by Last updated Feb 24, 2022 | Published on Jun 26, 2018Contract Manufacturing

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Made in the USA is a point of pride for Axenics, as we have been providing manufacturing solutions 100% in-house in New England for 35 years. There are several benefits to our customers by offering complete contract manufacturing solutions:

Higher-quality manufacturing

All of Axenics’ contract manufacturing services are performed by our highly-trained technicians. We demonstrate the importance of investing in top-notch talent, and we strive to allow our technicians to grow to their full potential. All of our technicians are fully certified to the operations they are performing, in addition to being cross-trained on all aspects of manufacturing services we provide.

Shorter lead times

With our cross-trained team, Axenics is able to provide shorter lead times. Having materials in-house for typical manufacturing processes is also a time saver. And, building solid relationships with our US-based vendors means we are able to offer shorter lead times, and we are better able to control those lead times. At Axenics, we do not ship late, and oftentimes we can improve shipment delivery dates for new customers over their existing vendors.

We also feel there is better communication with companies in the US. There is no need for delayed responses from overseas or language challenges. Some may claim that these issues can be overcome by having a representative from an overseas vendor that is located in the US. This can help, but can also further slow the process, because another node has now been added to the communication chain.

End-to-end manufacturing

 We take on less complex and out-of-the-box contract manufacturing solutions and multi-part product design projects, where we can help you develop an entire concept from start to finish. This is where our engineering and design specialists work closely with you to develop a build process that can transfer directly to manufacturing.

With more than 35 years of experience across several industries, including, medical device, semiconductor, life sciences, alternative energy and chemical manufacturing, our prototype team has a deep understanding of your unique product design needs, challenges and deadlines. Our techs operate multiple machines, allowing a quicker turnaround times on prototype builds.

From a simple line drawing, we are able to design a customized prototype, and then build large quantities of components, resulting in a complete system, without having to utilize multiple US-based or overseas manufacturers.

One last thing to keep in mind — and an important one: by manufacturing in the US, you also greatly reduce your shipping costs.

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