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Contract Manufacturing Companies Helping Chemical Industries Lower Their Repair Downtime

by Last updated Dec 2, 2021 | Published on Feb 6, 2018Industries

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Chemical manufacturing industries are producing chemicals at great rates for a wide variety of applications and products used by other companies around the globe. Some of these chemical processes are going through immense pressures and temperatures that can quickly wear out pipe and tubing systems running from storage tanks, transportation processes, and holding facilities.

When pipe and tube failure happens, the entire production process comes to a halt. Workers and personnel may need to be evacuated from the location depending on the harmful effects that can be caused by caustic and flammable chemicals. Then cleanup has to begin to clear out the spilled chemicals and repair the pipe damage.

For certain chemical manufacturers, there may be areas of the piping system that go through strain and fatigue faster than others. Having the required piping on hand for that specific area can cut down on the amount of time needed to make repairs as operations can get back on track. Contract manufacturing companies can provide specialty piping kits as an end-to-end solution for chemical companies as Axenics offers contract manufacturing services.

Quality Piping Equals Greater Safety

Axenics’ engineers are focused on designing piping systems that are tailored for each chemical manufacturer. We create conceptual designs and elaborate models to your design specifications and requirements. Axenics can address issues with areas in your complex assemblies where you may experience excessive pipe wear and failures. We come up with solutions to lower the number of pipe leaks and damage that your operations experience. By having quality designs, your operations can increase safety measures to further protect chemical workers as well as the environment from potential leaks.

Range of Contract Manufacturing Services

Not every chemical manufacturer has the capabilities onsite to deal with the pipe cutting, tube bending, and metal welding necessary for repair operations. Axenics provides all contract manufacturing services that chemical manufacturers desire. We offer design development and feasibility, prototyping services, manufacturing services and finished assembly as well as subassembly products.

Specialty Piping Kits for Continual On-Demand Projects

In addition to metal pipe welding, plastic tube bending, cutting, and complex assemblies, we also provide specialty piping kits for chemical manufacturers. A chemical manufacturer can obtain dock-to-stock kits with pipes already premade to fit a specific application.

So when there is tubing and piping systems where areas are constantly going through regular repairs, a company can order a specialty piping kit with a single part number that will contain all the tubes and pipes pre-cut and bent to specifications. The chemical manufacturer can quickly install the new assemblies when noticing the tell-tale signs of wear and failure on old systems before the pipe rupture happens. Also, the work can occur during scheduled downtimes and off-peak hours.

Providing Tailored Solutions for Chemical Manufacturers

Chemical manufacturers don’t always have the manpower, time, space or schedule to create the pipe and tubing assemblies for operations. Their workers must focus on other areas of the production process, and can’t always be pulled from their regular work to perform the cutting, bending and welding necessary. In addition, you need assemblies crafted with the highest quality that avoids the possibility of contaminants. This may not be possible at the existing facilities if there are space issues where workers simply do not have a clean room area.

Axenics can provide the certified technicians, experienced engineers and clean room spaces that are necessary to create the pipe assemblies. With attention to detail to precision contract manufacturing services, a chemical manufacturer will get quality work every time that is to their desired specifications and deadlines to decrease the number of repairs required to systems.

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