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Component Manufacturing Done Lean For A Super-Fast Turnaround

by Last updated Aug 12, 2020 | Published on Aug 7, 2018Component Manufacturing

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These days, everyone craves completion quickly when it comes to component manufacturing. They also expect high-quality results. We get it. That’s why Axenics has set into place ideals and ways of operating to save time and money for everyone involved. It’s worked for the prior 30+ years and will continue to work for the next 30 and beyond.

When recently asked about a super-fast turnaround, one immediately came to mind. Not too long ago, we had a customer in Asia that needed precision tube bending, then welding, followed by helium leak testing and, finally, needed it to be shipped on the earliest possible flight.

As soon as we had the details for the component and the OK to proceed from the client, our team jumped to action. Soon, the part was delivered to Logan International Airport and flew to arrival — pretty much as quickly as humanly possible.

How is Axenics able to accomplish this speed and not skimp on the end result?

At the top of the list is our team.

Axenics’ empowered production team is cross-trained to make certain we provide premier service. They know the specs, so there are few returned parts. Your lead times are guaranteed because what you receive will be exactly what you ordered — without revisions or do-overs. That’s how we maintain a quality rating higher than 99%.

Component manufacturing is our specialty and we’re not shy to declare that. With decades in the business, our skills to create components built-to-spec top the industry. Our team creates components daily utilizing high-purity pipe welding, TIG welding, CNC tube bending and cutting for piping systems. There’s no need for you to purchase that machinery or do that training, saving you time and money.

We Know What You Need and We Keep It On-hand

Minimizing waste and lowering costs are our ultimate goals. Axenics utilizes a lean inventory process, which allows for a controlled workflow, streamlined processes, projects completed on demand, and getting to the best solutions for our customers. We keep stocked in many of the common fittings that are used across various industries.

Our great relationships with vendors helps a lot, as we can also quickly get things delivered. Having common fittings ready to go is essential to shrinking lead times. Often, we can improve delivery times over your current vendors.

You know the power of working with a dedicated component manufacturer that provides quality end products, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention customer service one more time.

Competition is growing — not shrinking — in component manufacturing, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised to have a custom weldment hand delivered to your engineers so they can take them on their trip, and install them on site when they arrive back home. That’s just what we do.

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