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Semiconductor component manufacturer solutions

by Last updated Apr 18, 2024 | Published on Sep 19, 2023Industries

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As an experienced component manufacturer, our aim is to meet clients’ precise needs while promoting optimum productivity with minimal waste. It is this approach that yields superior components for a variety of industries, including semiconductor manufacturing.

Working with a component manufacturer on projects from inception to completion has several benefits, including a reduction in lead time and an opportunity to trim in-house costs. Having one team produce a component from A-Z avoids a product being assembled piecemeal – and can also reduce mistakes that can arise when multiple crews are part of the plan.

Here’s a sneak peek at Axenics’ solutions as a component manufacturer: 

Custom component manufacturing: An integral part of our services is custom component manufacturing, catering impeccably to specific production requirements.

Cleanroom assembly: To ensure high-quality production, we perform assembly in Class 100 cleanrooms, enabling fabrication of components in rigorously controlled environments.

Welding and bending services: Using advanced techniques and tools for welding and bending, Axenics’ expert team of welders crafts custom components with high precision.

Cleanroom manufacturing services for the semiconductor industry

Purity is essential for gas delivery systems. Three purity levels are available, based on the application: 

  • Multi-functional applications
  • High purity applications
  • Ultra-high purity applications

Each stage needs a certain level of protection against contaminants penetrating the system. While multi-functional applications can tolerate some particles entering the gas, ultra-high purity applications require the highest level of gas purity running through components. In addition, components used in multi-functional applications cannot be switched out and used in high purity or ultra-high purity applications as the materials can negatively affect products.

Staying abreast of industry advancements is crucial, but a real edge is gained by going one step beyond – anticipating and preparing for future needs. Partnering with Axenics gives OEMs this edge: a dependable ally who not only comprehends their manufacturing needs but is also agile enough to adapt to evolving demands.

Semiconductor component manufacturer

Being a component manufacturer for the semiconductor industry is no cake walk. This highly nuanced process involves sophisticated systems and assemblies, intricately designed to help produce the ever-increasingly smaller microchips. The relentless wave of smart devices in our lives keeps the semiconductor industry buzzing.

Every production process demands a unique set of components, which follow the trend of ‘smaller is better.’ The production of miniaturized chips is no small feat; the smallest of errors can introduce an expensive, time-consuming hurdle that could negatively affect your operations. 

We offer bending and welding services specially crafted to streamline OEM operations by delivering advanced equipment, thereby ensuring the consistent production of industry-leading semiconductor chips. 

Gas systems in semiconductor production

Many semiconductor fabrication operations cannot proceed without dedicated gas delivery systems. These systems serve as a hub to host multiple gas cylinders for specific procedures. Connected to manifolds via check valves and purge assemblies, our systems purge contaminants while maintaining efficient delivery. Empty cylinders can swiftly be replaced while maintaining a clean operational environment. 

We take pride in offering semiconductor manufacturing services in the form of comprehensive gas delivery system kits and assemblies. Our seasoned engineers offer their expertise in calibrating delivery systems according to specific customer requirements, offering solutions right from single station systems to semi-automatic systems – or even fully automatic programmable switchover systems. Axenics’ comprehensive offerings as a trusted component manufacturer extends to manifolds, gas panels, gas boxes, tube assemblies and other components and services. 

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