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Download free plastics manufacturing guide

Download free plastics manufacturing guide

​Plastics manufacturing may be a good solution for the transport or mixing of liquids and gases in your production system. There may be a risk of metal components corroding or decaying with the transport of caustic chemicals. In those instances, plastic pipe or tubing...

Semiconductor industry a boon for us in 2021

Semiconductor industry a boon for us in 2021

We’re sure many of you in the semiconductor manufacturing industry are keeping up with the news on the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which could soon bring $52 billion to American semiconductor R&D and manufacturing.  It’s an exciting time for Axenics to be...

Contract manufacturing solutions for life science

Contract manufacturing solutions for life science

The United States life science industry is predicted to grow at 8% annually, reaching $427.78 billion by 2027, according to Market Research Future. Axenics supplies critical components to the manufacturers of patient diagnostics and performs contract manufacturing for...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code

Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

Completing Links in Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

by Nov 12, 2019Contract Manufacturing

The worldwide medical device industry will hit $420 billion in 2020, according to new research. Expanding your existing infrastructure to keep up with this industrial evolution is a costly endeavor. Are there already chinks in your manufacturing supply chain due to advancing technologies? Think about all aspects of the chain from product design to delivery.

Consider improving your competitive advantage with a medical device contract manufacturing partner. Leverage a contractor like Axenics with a significant investment into the research and development required to build and deliver a consistent, successful manufacturing solution. Take advantage of our medical device industry knowledge, labor force, equipment, facility space and reputation.

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Here’s how to do that via these eight elements of manufacturing supply chain management:


Medical technologies change daily, so finding a partner dedicated to equipment development is a must. Choose a team that works with you closely on existing work procedures, inventory requirements, packaging needs and more – and finds ways to expedite processes. When expanding your team with an outsource partner, a great plan includes finding cost-effective solutions that don’t shrink quality.


The only foolish question is the one not asked. Inquire about training procedures, expertise and certifications. Ask about customized services. At Axenics, we’re an open book. We’ll happily explain why we choose certain lean manufacturing practices, why we cross-train all of our team members and why continuing education remains a priority.


Get the truth right from the horse’s mouth when seeking an outsource partner. Ask about existing quality assurance procedures. A good contract manufacturing company will have both the specialized skills and the proven quality assurance processes in place to ensure the consistent delivery of top-quality results.


Seek a partner with the purchasing power to keep production constantly moving. Your next contract manufacturing partner should have solid vendor relationships – the kind that help you both save money on raw materials. Our lean manufacturing process, Just In Time, helps decrease unused inventory and reduce overall cost for you. Utilizing our established vendor relationships saves you from purchasing raw material components (that may not be used right away), investing in expensive equipment (that might also go dormant), or maintaining a larger team than is needed for the long term. Free up cash for future projects or improvements.


Versatility is an important factor to consider when choosing a contract manufacturing partner. You may need a component today, but tomorrow you may require a complete end-to-end product produced. Axenics’ team of experts developed a process piping kit for use in a variety of industries that require chemical delivery. While it’s an end-to-end product, it can be customized to fit your needs.


We like to say that you don’t have to share a zip code to be good partners. We have dedicated metals and plastics facilities in New England, but we work with partners around the globe. Look for partners who will share their space with you, no matter how far apart you are. For example, precious space you currently dedicate for inventory storage can transform into space better suited to the core of your  business. We have 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including a 1,000-square-foot cleanroom.


Look for a partner that ships globally and has experience dealing with international regulations and customs. Consumer demands increase exponentially, meaning time to market cannot be squandered. Another benefit of working with our team means you can also easily order repeat components, speeding the time of delivery since we’ll be experienced in both production and your needs.

Return of goods

Mistakes occur no matter how qualified a manufacturer. A good partner will take back and reimburse you for (or replace) faulty components. Fortunately, that’s not a factor we deal with often. Our team implements a series of tests to ensure the raw materials are sound, and further testing occurs in each step of production. Waste costs us all. Look for a partner with a consistent testing procedure.

Remember, expanding your capacity without hiring staff or investing in capital equipment makes good business sense. Axenics produces top-quality metal and plastics manufacturing services for the medical device manufacturing industry – hence our 99.7% current quality score. Any of the questions above or any you come up with will be happily answered, and we welcome you to come in for a tour of our facilities.

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