Precision tube bending

Precision Tube Bending is a Solution for Reducing Lead Time

As an alternative to welding, precision tube bending might be a service you want to consider for your next project. Axenics uses a computer numerical controlled (CNC) tube bender that can bend a variety of metals. This could be an ideal solution to improve lead time and save money for your gas and fluid systemRead more

Fictitious astronaut on Mars

Nadcap Welding is Key to Getting Humans to Mars

Humans on Mars? The possibility is ever-growing, but getting them there will certainly involve Napcap welding of spacecraft materials. National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) welding is an exceptionally clean and uniform process used in aerospace projects. Nadcap-certified processes use premium metals due to their higher purity and corrosion-resistance properties. The results includeRead more

Orbital welded part

Morale is key in orbital welding shops, robots or not

Bringing in a robot to perform orbital welding tasks in a manufacturing shop can throw a wrench into the works, as far as morale goes. That is not a concern at Axenics, because almost every weld performed is different, so there is no need for a robot that performs the same weld, day in dayRead more

Weldments and welding services

Types of Weldments Used to Join Piping

When it comes to joining pipes, complex assemblies, gas boxes and other components together, welding is one common method that manufacturers utilize. The weldments used will be based on the material of the pipes and tubes (such as metal vs. plastic), how the tube will be connected, and if there are any additional connections thatRead more

Orbital Welding

Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of TIG Welding

Axenics specializes in TIG welding, which can be utilized in a variety of industries and manufacturing processes. There are advantages and disadvantages to TIG welding, however, we must first define what TIG welding is, and how it differs from other types of welding.Read more

Brazing Vs. TIG Welding: Differences and Advantages of Each

If you’re looking to form a permanent joint between two or more metals, there are a variety of ways to do so. However, brazing and welding services are the most common, and most reliable, choices available. While there are similarities, there are key differences that differentiate the processes. Chief among them is this: welding involvesRead more

Tube Brazing

What is Tube Brazing and How Does it Work?

At Axenics, we perform a variety of fabrication processes for our clients, to meet the needs of all types of industries. We work with many different types of metals and plastics, and offer solutions for joining, cutting, bending, and otherwise forming materials to fit specific project needs and challenges. While we specialize in GTAW weldingRead more

Aluminum Tube Bending

Aluminum Tube Bending II: Which Types of Aluminum Alloys Are Best for Bending and Why?

In our previous post, we talked about the basic properties of aluminum alloys and how to identify them. High purity aluminum is one of the softest metals, which makes it extremely pliable, and easy to bend or otherwise form without compromising its integrity. It is extremely flexible and workable, versus steel, for example, which isRead more

Welding apprentice learning tig welding

April is National Welding Month

What is National Welding Month? National Welding Month was created to bring attention to the importance of welding and how it affects our daily life. Welders help to manufacture many of the key components that make up the essence of almost every industry. From shipyards, to automotive plants, to construction sites, and beyond, there areRead more

Metal Tubes

Aluminum Tube Bending I: Defining Aluminum Alloys and Designations

Aluminum is a popular metal used for tubing and piping throughout various industries. In addition to pure aluminum, there are also a variety of aluminum alloys to choose from when performing various fabrication projects. In order to determine the best aluminum alloys for tube bending, it’s good to understand how alloys are made, and howRead more