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Benefits of a Gas Manifold in Semiconductor Delivery Systems

by Last updated Jul 1, 2024 | Published on Feb 19, 2019Manifolds

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The uses for semiconductors in electronic devices grows by the minute, maintaining a high demand for components such as chips for automobiles. For many of our customers, we can produce a gas manifold that will be used in either the production of semiconductors or for use inside the semiconductors themselves.

One of the most-important determinations for semiconductor assembly is if the components are going to be used to transport potentially harmful and corrosive chemicals in the form of gases or liquids. If so, we often recommend the use of a gas manifold in the delivery system, which provide a number of benefits, including fast production.

Producing gas manifolds with a leak-tight performance – tested each step of the way – is how we ensure our customers are getting reliable, safe, long-lasting components.

The gas delivery systems created by Axenics’ team of cross-trained technicians are all custom configurations based on our clients’ designs (our team can also assist in the design phase). We typically use Vacuum Coupling Radiation (VCR) metal to-metal seal connections to ensure leaks are not an issue.

The gas manifold systems we build for delivery are all completed with dry processes. The systems have zero exposure to moisture, until the system has been tested and installed. The only liquid exposure, once installed, would be the chemicals designed to flow through the system. We use in-house processes to keep residual chemical liquids from building up within the system once in use.

Our capabilities to produce custom gas manifold delivery systems include systems that can be heated. Based on our customers’ designs and configurations, we have built heated systems using a special tape that is wrapped around the tubing and valves. This tactic can keep the system heated to the point where chemicals are not able to solidify while in transfer.

Benefits for using a gas manifold for your next semiconductor project include:

  • A smaller footprint with less hardware
  • Option to expand and add additional gas manifolds/lines at a later date
  • Quick assembly
  • Shorter time when checking for potential leaks
  • Custom fittings that work with your set-up
  • Simple maintenance
  • Light and easy to install into your existing system
  • A centralized manifold system gives you better control
  • Designed for consistent, repeatable use
  • A cleaner system overall

On the latter, when creating components for semiconductors, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. No one wants to worry about particles that end up in your processes from vendors who do not take cleanliness seriously enough.

A critical factor in performance for precision gas delivery in semiconductor processing is the reliability and repeatability of the transportation system, especially with such processes as chemical vapor deposition.

When you work with our team on your specific goals for the system, we can predict the quality of these components before they are constructed, helping you to eliminate potential problem points.

When we provide you with a centralized gas manifold system, you’re in an ideal place to maintain control over the gas or chemical output, rate and pressure. For each of your gas delivery systems, you can rest assured they will be expertly designed, engineered, assembled and tested by our cross-trained team of experts.

Keeping a consistent, speedy workflow on your floor with an in-house gas delivery system ensures your customers will be completely satisfied with the results of the semiconductor components you deliver.

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