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Axenics Year in Review: Plastic Pipe Bending & Welding Services Growing

by Dec 11, 2018Axenics

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We live in a world of plastics and metals, and it has been a somewhat surprisingly good year for Axenics with the former. Our plastic tube bending and plastic pipe welding services have been in high demand in 2018, with no signs of that slowing down.

Growth of the medical device field and requirements for smaller pipes to safely transfer liquids and chemicals is one of the reasons we have seen a continued growth in the custom bending of plastic tubing.

Here are some reasons why we think plastic tube bending and plastic pipe welding could prove beneficial solutions for you in the coming year:

  • Saving money: If you’re looking to keep costs low, while still achieving high-quality and high-purity results, plastic tube bending is a very cost-efficient solution. Precision tube bending allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to cease the need for lots of joints and fixtures that are needed with joint welding. Those costs add up quickly!
  • Saving time: By eliminating joints and welds within the complex assembly system, the plastic tube bending process is quick, and there is less opportunity for leaks or cracks.

In 2018, we found that our customers are looking for a combination of high-quality results and short lead times. Quality component manufacturers are in huge demand. OEMs in the biotechnology and medical device industries are consistently creating brand-new automations, and those systems have to go through many steps before seeing a final product, including manufacturing components – and likely altering those components until they are perfect.

There are several reasons why we continue to deliver high-quality components – and fast.

  • Axenics regularly stocks many common fittings that are used across multiple industries. Having great relationships with our vendors is also key, as parts can be ordered and delivered quickly. We have seen lead time for parts go from one to two weeks to more than two months in some cases, so we believe having common fittings ready-to-go is a smart way to do business.
  • It is very important to hire and empower the best team for the organization. We cross-train our production team members to ensure we provide top-tier service. Our team understands industry specifications, so Axenics has very few returned parts. Our current quality rating is higher than 99%. We guarantee our provided lead times are met because we will deliver precisely what you need the first time.
  • We’re very proud to declare that component manufacturing is our specialty. With decades of experience, our skills to create components built-to-specification are at the top of the industry. Our technicians are creating components daily utilizing high-purity pipe welding, TIG welding, CNC tube bending and cutting for piping systems. Because you won’t have to ramp up those skills or purchase that machinery, you can focus your energies elsewhere, saving time and money.

We can’t say enough about our team being able to consistently deliver end products quickly and affordably. One of our project managers, Nelson Hernandez, obtained a Six Sigma yellow belt in 2018. Six Sigma is used to lower the risk of mistakes in end products in order to save customers money and time. The expertise gained through Nelson’s certification will benefit the team as a whole.

“Six Sigma encourages you to pass the knowledge you learn onto other employees,” Nelson said. Improving the lean manufacturing processes at Axenics is one of his top goals, he said.

We were also very proud to witness Nelson become a U.S. citizen this year.

While TIG welding does not involve plastics, it is a process used daily at Axenics, and we would be remiss to not mention one of our top team members in that focus, Brian Thessen. TIG welding is used for welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys and magnesium. It is also one of the highest-quality and highest-purity welds, as well as very intricate in its nature.

“Imagine placing two of your hairs next to each other with no space between,” Brian said of TIG welding. He performs welds as small as a .01-inch line.

Abstract TIG welding is something Brian does in his spare time to create unique pieces of art, as it allows the welder and inner artist to come together and create something that is one-of-a-kind, he said.

“One hundred different people can see 100 different things,” he said.

Without amazing team members like Nelson and Brian, Axenics would not be able to grow and achieve new goals each year. We’re proud of everyone at Axenics, and we look forward to what 2019 will bring us. All signs point to wonderful growth, so Happy New Year!

Axenics offers high-quality plastic pipe bending and welding services across several industries.

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