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How much does welding cost?

How much does welding cost?

We’re often asked “How much does welding cost” with regards to component manufacturing. There are several considerations that account for the cost of welding services, and it makes good business sense to do your due diligence when investing in outsourced welding...

Meeting the demands of a white-hot semiconductor industry

Meeting the demands of a white-hot semiconductor industry

​The semiconductor industry is arguably the hottest topic in global manufacturing today. While news persists that the supply isn’t meeting the demand - with President Biden signing an executive order in February to improve the supply chain for the U.S. - we’re feeling...

Axenics’ plastic welding expertise on display in Welding Journal

Axenics’ plastic welding expertise on display in Welding Journal

​The demand for plastic welding services grows along with the white-hot demand for semiconductor manufacturing. Plastic welding is a specialty of Axenics’ welding experts, and their techniques are profiled in a new article in the March 2021 issue of Welding Journal...

Working with a Contract Manufacturer Outside Your Zip Code
We’re a good partner for you even when we’re socially distanced. Let us demonstrate how well we’ll work together whether we’re down the street or 3,000 miles away.

Axenics moving on up in 2021

by Dec 21, 2020Axenics

The phrase “great news” has been scarce this year, but we feel strongly that we’ll be using it more in 2021. 

One, we’re seeing signs of robust growth within the semiconductor industry that should continue for at least the next calendar year. Two, Axenics is moving to a new facility in 2021, and that relocation will bring our entire team together under one roof. We’re thrilled about that!

Axenics is a technology company

Yes, we’re a contract manufacturer, but in order to provide our customers in the semiconductor world with components that help refine and produce their microchips, our in-house expertise must stay on pace technology-wise. Our areas of expertise are in welding and bending, but our services and techniques mature with the advancement of technology – and by further educating our in-house experts. This learning benefits our customers, too. 

The semiconductor industry outlook for 2021 looks fantastic with a projected 12% global growth, according to Future Horizons. We’re seeing that growth already with POs for next year. We predict the demand for contactless technology utilizing semiconductors will continue to grow throughout the decade.

Benefits of operating under one roof

In May 2021, we’ll move to a 25,000-square-foot production facility in Tyngsboro, MA. We’re designing the space to align with our lean manufacturing approach. The ample production floor will be a huge benefit to us and our customers, offering room to expand into bigger projects. 

We’re excited that our metals and plastics teams will finally be together under one roof. Our lean approach with cross-training continues, which means when we need some extra hands on the plastics side, we can borrow team members from metals and vice versa. 

Having everyone together to collaborate and learn from each other will be a boon for us all. 

Another plus for 2021 is continued growth for alternative energy projects. We’re doing more work on hydrogen fuel cell components these days, and we see that work growing in the coming months. 

Here’s to future prosperity across the board as we leave this year behind. 

Even while socially distanced, we’re ready to partner with you. Learn how we can work together whether we’re around the bend or 2,500 miles away.

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Working with a manufacturer outside your zipcode

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