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Five Axenics End-to-End Manufactured Components

by Last updated Apr 18, 2024 | Published on Sep 4, 2018Contract Manufacturing

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Working with contract manufacturing companies on projects from inception to completion has several benefits, including a reduction in lead time and an opportunity to be conservative with costs. Having one team from A-Z avoids a product being assembled piecemeal – and can also diminish mistakes that can arise when multiple crews are part of the plan.

Axenics’ team of end-to-end manufacturing experts create end products from concept, utilizing 30+ years of experience with making components such as gas panels (gas boxes or gas cabinets), weldments, custom tubing kits and high-purity assemblies.

Gas Cabinets, Gas Boxes and Gas Panels

Our vast experience in building gas cabinets, gas boxes and gas panels from the initial design phase through manufacturing and delivery keeps our team busy producing components for a multitude of applications. (The terms “gas cabinet” and “gas box” are used interchangeably in various industries.) Gas boxes offer protection from exposure to potentially harmful gases.

To begin a new gas box project, our team of experienced engineers and supply chain experts communicate with you – and our materials suppliers – to ensure the project can be completed to your specification, built with the required supplies and done safely. Our team is available for consultation on various gas box options that will be suitable for the types of gases being used.


Our expertly trained and certified TIG and orbital welding team is unmatched in the industry. Using stainless steel and various plastics, Axenics’ welders produce high-quality weldments ranging from ⅛-inch up to 6 inches in diameter on valves, solenoids, pneumatics and piping assemblies.

The medical device and semiconductor industries require high-purity welds, and we perform those in a Class 100 cleanroom. This keeps the tubing ultra pure and free of contaminants. We measure weld oxidation to ensure high-quality welds by purging the inside and outside of the tubes with an inert gas to reduce oxidation levels.

High Purity Assemblies

Axenics builds complex assemblies of varying sizes, shapes and specifications in small and large quantities. We’re consistently producing complex assembly systems involving a substantial volume of parts as well as intricate processes and different degrees of testing. We can produce multiple configurations, as needed, and we can offer multiple fittings, regulators and valves, dependent on the needs of the project.

Again, our technicians work directly with you on designing custom systems based on your requirements and/or challenges. In many instances, we can improve your existing in-house systems, lead times and offer savings on the bottom line.

Custom Tube Bending

Axenics has decades of expertise in tube bending, ensuring your finished tubing is accurate and clean. We Check every bend to make sure they are contaminant-free. Our CNC tube bender can handle big quantities performed quickly in varying sizes of tubes.

This scratches the surface of what Axenics can create end-to-end for your team. We’re often creating custom components from scratch, and we’d love an opportunity to discuss your vision with you.

From a single part to a complex system, Axenics can meet your contract manufacturing needs. Contact us to talk to a manufacturing specialist today

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