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Axcelis Supplier of the Year

by Apr 24, 2018Axenics

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Axenics has been a supplier for Axcelis since 1995 – almost 25 years. Each year we meet with them to discuss the industry and the companies’ needs on both sides. It is a way of checking in, wrapping up the previous year and planning for the coming one. This year, however, was a bit different. When we arrived at the meeting we were surprised to learn that Axenics had been awarded one of Axcelis’ “ Top Supplier of the Year” awards.

Axcelis provides services and equipment to clients in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. They work with some of the biggest names in the tech business. In fact, you probably have a little piece of Axcelis in your hands right now if you are reading this on your smartphone, laptop, or digital device. The company plays a large part in forming the transistors that power them.

When you look at the scale at which the company operates, you can see what a prestigious honor it is to be given this award. We are humbled and honored to be recognized for the services we provide to our valued customers.

The award was voted on by a committee and the winner determined by the following criteria:

  • This carried a lot of weight and included maintaining a low DPPM (Defective Parts Per Million) and other factors such as Six Sigma metric, manufacturing, and others. Our quality record with Axcelis is exceptional.
  • Lead time. This included the turnaround time we provide, especially for special orders that are time sensitive. We have been able to cut lead time for these orders by two and even three weeks. In a few cases, we’ve even been able to get it down to days when that was necessary.
  • We have been able to keep our costs competitive without sacrificing quality in product, service, or in our commitment to our customers.
  • Responsiveness and being ready for the upturn in the industry. Part of the 2017 ramp up was our ability to respond to “short cycle” parts. This means when Axcelis needed a part that was required to ship a tool before the “normal” lead time, we were able to deliver. This helped Axcelis maintain their shipping schedule.

“The semiconductor manufacturing services market has these waves of ups and downs,” said Dan Reynolds, General Manager of Axenics. “This year has been like a Mount Everest climb. It’s been straight up. So, the suppliers that have been able to handle the ramp up really well caught Axcelis’ attention this time. And we happen to be one of those suppliers, so they were very happy with us.”

Working with Axcelis has been a pleasure. It is gratifying to be recognized like this by a company that has such high standards. All of us here at Axenics are looking forward to many more years of being a supplier Axcelis can count on no matter what. This is the same commitment we make to all of our customers so they know, when they choose us, they are choosing high quality, a better lead time, cost competitiveness, and outstanding responsiveness. It’s all in a day’s work for Axenics.

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