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Avoid Wrinkles with a Mandrel Tube Bender

by Last updated Oct 5, 2022 | Published on Oct 22, 2019Pipe & Tube Bending

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Potential customers who search for “tube bending services near me” do not always realize that a manufacturing partner does not need to be nearby for it to be a good fit. For example, we have a mandrel tube bender used for clients around the globe.

Mandrel tube bending with a contract manufacturer like Axenics is an ideal solution when you need wrinkle-free tubing that goes directly into production for the transport of high-pressure gases, chemicals or liquids.

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Tube bending services near me – or not near me!

Yes, proximity is a perk for a working relationship, but that isn’t the top consideration for a manufacturing partnership that benefits both parties. Consider these qualifications before deciding on an outsource partner:

  • Cost: There is affordable and then there is cheap a.k.a. shoddy. Maintaining competitive pricing should not include sacrificing quality.
  • Value: Look at all levels of an organization for degrees of commitment. Customers should receive the highest quality service across the board, from the production floor to the director level.
  • Lead time: Choose a partner who determines ways to give the best lead time possible, especially the ability to fulfill rush or urgent orders. A solid partner also identifies processes that could be holding you back – and corrects them.
  • Receptivity: A great partner adapts – and does not panic – no matter which way the industry turns. This means staying ahead of the game and maintaining readiness to dive into your program at a moment’s notice.

A mandrel tube bender achieves those qualifications

Mandrel tube bending entails inserting a steel rod into the tubing as it bends. It’s ideal as the tube bends without wrinkling or breaking at the bending point. A CNC tube bender performs as a mandrel tube bender and is the optimum choice for bending thin tubing without causing deformities on a tight radius.

Axenics’ expert technicians deliver high-quality mandrel tube bending results to our clients’ exact specifications. We optimize our mandrel tube bender for the highest levels of accuracy and precision. For example, we regularly achieve bends with radii as tight as the diameter of the tubing. Original equipment manufacturers often request these results, as the demand for tighter bends for components in the medical device and semiconductor industries grows exponentially.

A wrinkle in time costs money

Don’t tolerate bent tube wrinkles from a manufacturing partner. Wrinkles cause fatigue to both stainless steel and thermoplastics. Wrinkles also lead to cracks or production failure if tubing goes into an assembly with high enough liquid or gas pressure.

Tube wrinkling occurs when the tube slips from the clamp while under pressure, or the mandrel isn’t far enough into the tube for smooth bending. A lack of applied pressure is another common problem of poor mandrel tube bending.

Axenics avoids tube wrinkling with the in-house CNC mandrel tube bender and a team of cross-trained technicians. Another benefit is mandrel tube bending is a highly-repeatable process.

A mandrel tube bender avoids wrinkles inside of tubing by staying in a fixed position as the outer radius of the tube experiences pressure. This pressure stretches tubing into the desired bend.

We utilize a soft mandrel when bending hard tubing and a hard mandrel when bending soft tubing as a rule of thumb. The possibility of tube wrinkling means it’s more cost effective – and simpler – to partner with a reliable contract manufacturing company such as Axenics:

  • You reduce material waste
  • Our team ensures the correct bend every time
  • Axenics’ machinery is re-calibrated and serviced regularly

Get a reliable and durable bent tube that meets your specifications every time by having your tube bending performed by Axenics on our CNC mandrel tube bender.

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Uncover benefits of tube bending for your next project

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