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AI Helping Semiconductor Manufacturing Services to Thrive

by Last updated Dec 2, 2021 | Published on Jun 19, 2018Industries

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The continuing acceleration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is keeping the manufacturing industry humming along.

AI is computer processes that simulate our ability to make decisions, learn and use logic. AI chips utilize lots of power for comprehension data processing. The complex nature of AI chips – which are generally larger in size than those used in smart devices like phones and laptops – means there is lots of room for growth in the semiconductor industry.
As the demand soars for smart technology being used in homes, self-driving cars and auto-braking systems, there is a greater need for companies like Axenics, where we supply component manufacturing solutions such as weldments, bent tubing kits, manifolds and complete assemblies for the semiconductor industry. Essentially, our entire workshop is utilized for semiconductor manufacturing services.

One of the challenges in getting this new technology to consumers is the demand for microchips and other electronic assemblies for ever-changing technology, and having those elements manufactured quickly, affordably and precisely.

Axenics started working with the semiconductor industry in 1984, and we have seen many changes over the decades, keeping up with the shifts in technology. We provide semiconductor manufacturing services in the form of gas delivery system kits and assemblies. Our engineers can troubleshoot delivery systems or assemblies to meet required specifications, whether you seek a single-station system, semi-automatic system or a fully-automatic programmable switchover system.

Weldments Used in the Semiconductor Industry

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, global sales of semiconductors in the first quarter of 2018 reached $111.1 billion, a 20% jump from Q1 2017. Microprocessors for all range of vehicles are at a huge demand as consumers are clamoring for more “smart” technology.

Weldments are used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, to help gases and chemicals travel through tubing. Cleanliness to keep contaminants from getting into the tubing is essential. At Axenics, our high-purity welding for the semiconductor industry is done in a Class 100 cleanroom, which is a controlled environment that prevents impurities from entering the weld area. This is key because gases and fluids traveling through the tubing need to remain ultra pure.

In semiconductor manufacturing, the oxidation of the weld is an indicator to the degree of weld quality. Dirty welds, or welds with heavy oxidation, lead to contaminants violating the contents of the system. To correct a dirty weld, the welder eliminates it with an inert gas on the inside and outside which helps reduce the oxidation levels to make the weld clean. Axenics’ team is skilled at looking at the beading of a welded joint and knowing the difference between a good weld and a bad weld.

Manifolds Used in the Semiconductor Industry

Manifolds are used in the semiconductor industry to move liquids, chemicals, gases or air to more than one location in a manufacturing process. Axenics produces manifolds in stainless steel and various plastics. The design and fabrication of our manifolds differ depending on the use. Therefore, we cross-train our team to handle multiple tasks throughout the process of building manifold solutions to avoid any defects.

Safety is necessary in the construction of manifolds that are part of gas panels for the semiconductor industry. Axenics utilizes several safety features in our gas panel construction.

Tube Bending Used in the Semiconductor Industry

With the increased demand for high-quality tube bending in the semiconductor industry, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) look to Axenics, because of our reputation for high standards and efficiency.

Our experts will ensure a correct bend every time based on decades of experience. Our equipment is recalibrated and serviced regularly, ensuring our results are consistently accurate. Bent tubes also take up less space, which is helpful in semiconductor manufacturing services.

Wrinkles on tubes can cause stress which can lead to cracks or material failure if the tube is part of an assembly that experiences high amounts of pressure from liquids or gases. We are able to complete precision tube bending for semiconductors is on our Horn Metric TBRE Hybrid CNC Bender. It features mandrel bending and roll bending combined to meet OEM manufacturers’ specifications. Bending tubes to exact specifications for simple and complex semiconductor assemblies ensures that chemicals, gases and liquids can be transported efficiently and effectively.

Forbes lists 10 ways AI is evolving the manufacturing industry, and several of those reasons point to improving lead time and cost-saving approaches. If saving time and money is the future, the future looks bright for the semiconductor industries.

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