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5 Benefits of CNC Manufacturing

by Last updated Aug 11, 2020 | Published on Oct 1, 2019Pipe & Tube Bending

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The consistent, reliable results from computer numeric controlled or CNC manufacturing help you grow an existing project or kick-start a new one. Our customers appreciate the end-use parts produced by our in-house Horn Metric CNC Tube Bender, which delivers tubing with the exact same bends time after time – whether you require two pieces or 2,000.

CNC machining in a nutshell

Precision and repeatability are the primary focuses of CNC manufacturing machinery, as the top goals are scalability and cost efficiency. CNC machines are versatile. For example, Axenics’ technicians perform precision tube bending on a variety of metals – from aluminum to titanium.

Our team takes your engineer’s CAD model and applies it to our computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software to create the precise tool paths based on the requirements of your tubing. The software coordinates communicate the speed and angles of the tube workpiece, resulting in the exact dimensions of your design.

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Customers in the field of alternative energy utilize our CNC bender for prototypes and advanced production for complex chemical delivery or control systems, though the CNC bender is a great choice for a variety of industries.

Here are some benefits of CNC machining:


Tight spot? We can customize the design and radius of tube bends so your production system fits into small and unique spaces. Our bender also uses customized tooling to create bends for a variety of shapes and sizes. Our team will also help you decide the right kind of bends for a system to minimize flow restrictions of chemicals and liquids that can get hung up in sharper corners.


CNC machining produces components that don’t require a lot of extra finishing, such as welds and joints, This is a huge time saver. At Axenics, depending on your needs, bent tubing for a project happens in as quick as a day.


CNC machining combines digital and manual manufacturing. It takes expertise to look at your design or concept and offer educated feedback on how it can improve or what challenges might be down the road. Once refinements update the design, the machine delivers the precise results, including tolerances, to make sure each subsequent piece of bent tubing matches the prior.


CNC machinery generally has everything it needs built in to produce an end product. Much of the bent tubing we produce is ready for your production needs right out of the machine. CNC’s precision level reduces the chance of mistakes, to minimize waste. Fewer fittings also equals a lower overall cost.


We mentioned prototyping earlier in this post. It’s an essential part of growing a product and expanding a line. It also brings expenses. However, thanks to the speed and precision of using a CNC machine, such as our tube bender, you’ll save money in the long run. Here’s how:

  • You’re avoiding pricey welds and joiners with a CNC bender.
  • Bends easily update with a few clicks of the computer.
  • You can compare side-by-side tubing to help determine which is ideal for the project.
  • Testing on “real” materials avoids costly updates further in the production process.

CNC machinery isn’t cheap but our in-house precision bender has proven to be a sound investment. Software updates improve its functionality.  The feedback from our technicians and customers is great. Let us know if a conversation about CNC machining makes sense for your next project.

Horn Metric Tbre Cnc Bender Capabilties

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