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Axenics is ready for hydrogen fuel cell boom

Axenics is ready for hydrogen fuel cell boom

The hydrogen fuel cell market has a 34.3% compound annual growth rate, according to Market Insights Reports, reaching $5.925 billion by 2025, up from $1.82 billion in 2019. Hydrogen fuel cells are the future, with more vehicles - from garbage trucks to yachts -...

Common tube bending challenges and tube bending solutions

Common tube bending challenges and tube bending solutions

It’s often said that metal tube bending is both an art and a science. Finding success within art and science typically involves trial and error before accomplishment. Here are some common tube bending challenges – and tube bending solutions for success. Springback ...

How much does welding cost?

How much does welding cost?

We’re often asked “How much does welding cost” with regards to component manufacturing. There are several considerations that account for the cost of welding services, and it makes good business sense to do your due diligence when investing in outsourced welding...

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4 Ways to Lower the Costs of Manufacturing Services

by Feb 7, 2017Axenics

Similar to other businesses, companies in the manufacturing industry are always looking for efficient ways to lower the cost of manufacturing services. As a leader in the manufacturing industry, we enjoy sharing the knowledge we’ve learned with our customers and others in the industry. Here are a few ways to effectively decrease the costs associated with manufacturing services:

1. Use a Nitrogen Saver

A nitrogen saver is a tool commonly used when performing hot gas welding with plastic materials. Use of an N2 Saver allows the welding technician to save Nitrogen while performing hot gas welding. It works by automatically switching from nitrogen (while welding) to compressed air (while at rest).

This process greatly reduces overall nitrogen consumption, and ultimately lowers the cost of welding services to the client. The Nitrogen saver also prevents the overheating of a hot gas welding torch, eliminating the need to replace torches frequently, adding further cost savings in the overall process.

2. Choose Precision Tube Bending

Manual TIG welding and orbital welding are common manufacturing processes that are used in a variety of industries, and a wide range of applications. In some cases, however, it may make sense to utilize precision tube bending in place of welding to manufacture certain components or systems. Although tube bending isn’t always feasible depending on the type of material being used or the product being manufactured, it is a highly cost-efficient alternative to welding in some cases.

By bending tubing to a smaller radius, it significantly reduces the overall length of a product, which results in a smaller overall assembly. Tube bending also eliminates the need for multiple fittings within a system or complex assembly, which can help manufacturers to save a significant amount of space, time and money in a variety of industrial applications.

3. Utilize a CNC Tube Bender

By utilizing a CNC tube bender, manufacturers can create a more precise, automatic, and repeatable process than with manual tube bending. CNC tube bending machines can more accurately control the degree of a bend, the distances between bends, and the plane of the bend, which allows for a much higher level of accuracy and control within the process.

CNC tube bending is a computerized and automated tube bending process, which allows manufacturers to perform more complex bending processes. This flexibility results in increased operational efficiency and significantly lower costs.

4. Order Piping Kits

Although sometimes necessary, custom tube bending can be both costly and time consuming. By ordering a specialty piping kit from a contract manufacturer, the need for custom tube bending on site can be reduced and/or eliminated. Downtime and production costs can also be significantly decreased.

Specialty piping kits can also make the installation process easier, since the dimensions are exactly the same every time. Because kits can be ordered with a single part number vs. ordering multiple parts each time, the process is simplified, and the risk for error can also be decreased.

These are just some of the ways for OEM’s, contract manufacturers and others in the industry to efficiently lower the costs of manufacturing services. Contact Axenics today to find out how we can help you lower your operating costs and help you increase profits.

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