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10 Reasons to Switch to Manifold Manufacturing

by Last updated Nov 12, 2020 | Published on Feb 5, 2019Contract Manufacturing

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Switching your next component manufacturing project to the production of manifolds can offer your company a large number of unique integration and design possibilities with the added value of being relatively inexpensive to create. Metal and plastic manifolds made to your company’s specifications are a reliable solution – with the added bonus of having a smaller footprint than other options.

Manifolds are designed to blend liquid, air or gaseous components, resulting in a condensed transportation system. End results for custom manifold manufacturing includes tubing, piping, pumps, fittings and other connectors. Axenics’ team of skilled technicians have been manufacturing simple and complex manifold solutions for three-plus decades.

Why choose manifolds?

  1. Manifolds reduce the risk of cross contamination of chemicals or gases by eliminating potential leaks in the component.
  2. Manifolds lower the cost of your end component by dramatically reducing the need for having the component serviced and the need for preventative maintenance.
  3. The manifold’s transportation system is smaller, reducing the footprint of the component.
  4. Using manifolds reduces the carry-over volume of the utilized liquids that are transported.
  5. Manifolds provide for a consistent performance, reducing the variables that can occur with other component processes.
  6. The reduction in potential leak points ensures your complete system will be more reliable with manifolds.
  7. Using a contract manufacturer to produce manifolds lowers the cost for many original equipment manufacturers.
  8. By design, manifolds provide direct, shorter transportation of liquids and gases.
  9. If service is required, manifold design provides easy access for repairs.
  10. With manifolds, part count is typically lower, making the functionality more reliable for a longer period of time.

With all the benefits for manifolds laid out, there are still some things to consider when looking at making the switch. For example, the design and production of the manifolds Axenics can produce is dependent on how the manifolds will be utilized, such as a gas manifold versus a liquid manifold.

Your requirements may be for a single-piece manifold design that will be created to assist the valves required within this particular system. The throughways of transportation are all in one piece. Whereas, you may have the need for a modular-block manifold. They typically work with one valve. Modular-block manifolds feature internal passages and flow-through provisions. Several modular-block manifolds are often joined to create a fully-functioning system.

Another important element on manifolds to note, at the time you are deciding on the types of materials that should be used, you should take into consideration fluid congruity, what is required for optimal functionality, the environment in which the manifolds will be operated, any manufacturing challenges and, of course, cost. Our design engineers can assist your decision making through every step.

Our manifolds are sometimes completed with expert bending and/or welding. After every manifold is manufactured in-house, it is tested to make sure it is top-quality.

One other thing to note, Axenics works with various OEMs to help fix or replace existing manifold systems, once they are beyond their original intended usage or at the end of their life. Our cross-trained team is consistently learning the latest manifold manufacturing techniques in an effort to keep your production running smoothly and at a cost savings.

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