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Our metals and plastics manufacturing & testing services help all tiers of manufacturers save money. We know there are a lot of manufacturing services partners out there. Axenics has 40+ years experience performing high-purity, clean weldments; bent tubes; and producing end-to-end production systems. Our 99.7% quality score demonstrates our dedication to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Axenics excels in providing high purity orbital welding, manual precision tube bending and CNC tube bending services for a range of industrial applications.

Axenics specializes in performing a variety of high-quality plastic tube bending and pipe welding services, including specialty piping kits and tube assemblies.
Axenics tests all of our work in our facility and offers additional testing based on customer request and specifications, including weld, pressure, and vacuum testing and other specialty testing services.
Axenics Contract Manufacturing Services




Axenics is a leading provider of metal and plastic contract manufacturing services and specializes in providing simple and complex manufacturing solutions across a range of industries. Our certified staff is capable of producing complex assemblies, gas boxes and gas delivery systems, as well as specialty piping kits for a variety of industrial applications.




Axenics provides effective metal and plastic component manufacturing services consisting of simple weldments, manifolds and tube assemblies, to a wide variety of OEMs. Everything we do with metals, we can do with plastics, and the majority of our products can be built to your specifications. Our expert technicians are dedicated to producing high-quality, reliable assemblies that are ready for installation.
Axenics Component Manufacturing Services



Axenics provides end-to-end solutions for a variety of industries. We can manage the entire product development cycle from design to production and delivery.

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