Tube Welding

Axenics offers clean and repeatable plastic tube welding services which mirror our welding capabilities for metals. Our certified welders are capable of welding polymer-based materials including Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC), Polypropylene (PP), and more.

Machinery and Capabilities

Our highly skilled and trained welders have the ability to perform ¼” tube-to-tube welds. We use Nitrogen gas, because it allows for the cleanest and most precise welds. Axenics also uses a custom built machine capable of repeating a simple welding process automatically to save our customers both time and money.

The Benefits of Tube Welding

Plastic tube welding is commonly used to modify valves and fittings, as well as to create custom manifolds and assemblies. Tube welding allows for the joining of two units as an alternative to the use of bulky or expensive fittings, saving time, space and money. Another way to cut down on space and improve efficiency in a complex assembly is to utilize tube bending, which eliminates the need for fittings or welding.

Plastic Tube Welding Process

Axenics welds plastic tubing using a process called hot gas welding, which can also be referred to as heat fusion or butt welding. Our thermoplastic tube welding process involves the joining of two polymer-based units using Nitrogen gas and heat to create the strongest possible bond. The two plastic units to be joined are heated simultaneously and pressed together. Once the pieces have cooled, they form a permanent bond.

Plastic complex assembly

Axenics N2S100 Nitrogen Saver

For added efficiency, we also use our N2S100 Nitrogen Saver when performing plastic tube welding, to avoid wasting Nitrogen, in turn lowering the cost of our services. This machine eliminates Nitrogen waste by automatically switching to compressed air when the heating torch is not in use. Learn more.

Advanced Technology and Testing

Axenics uses the latest technology and machinery create the cleanest and most precise tube welds. For added peace of mind, Axenics tests all of our welds to ensure the integrity and strength of the welds before delivering the final product to our customers.

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