Tube Bending

Axenics provides tube bending services for thermoplastic materials such as Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a common plastic used across many industries because it is clean and chemical resistant; as well as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC), Polypropylene (PP), and more. We also provide custom tube bending services for complex designs as needed.

Tube Bending Capabilities

We have the capability and expertise to bend plastic tubing into precise shapes, and can bend plastic into the same shapes that stainless steel tubing can be bent into. This allows design engineers the ability to create a system design knowing that the plastic tubing can be bent to conform to the precise shapes required by the schematic.

The Benefits of Tube Bending

Tube bending effectively eliminates the need for multiple fittings within a system or complex assembly. Bending tubing to a smaller radius also significantly reduces its overall length, resulting in a smaller overall assembly, which saves a significant amount of space, time and money in a variety of industrial applications. Our ability to weld tubing within 3/8” of a fitting or elbow allows us to significantly reduce overall tubing length and, as a result, reduce the overall footprint of a device or component.

Tube Bending Process

Plastics tend to kink easily when bent, which restricts the flow of liquids or chemicals through the tubing. The team of dedicated plastics specialists at Axenics have developed proprietary methods for bending plastic tubing in the most efficient way possible, allowing for tighter bends where needed. Although the process is challenging, our team of experts have performed thousands of tube bending configurations, allowing us to provide clean and consistent bends. By ensuring that the appropriate amount of heat is consistently applied to the tube being bent, the bend radius can be reduced without causing kinks.

Plastic Tube Bending

Specialty Piping Kits

Axenics also offers custom piping kits based on client specifications to be installed in medical OEM companies, semiconductor manufacturers and other OEM manufacturing companies. Learn more about Axenics specialty piping kits.

Tube Assemblies

Axenics specializes in developing custom tube assembly solutions. Our experts are able to create just about any type of tube assembly that the customer requires.

Do you need to fit a complex system into a small space?

Our expert technicians and engineers excel at providing custom tube bending solutions. Contact us today to find the right tube bending solution to your business needs.

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