Precision Tube Bending

Axenics performs precision tube bending for complex assemblies, specialty piping kits, gas panels and other contract manufacturing processes used throughout a variety of industries. Axenics offers both manual and CNC precision tube bending services, depending on the size and quantity of bends desired.  We also offer custom tube bending services, allowing us to bend to precise customer specifications. For larger tubing and/or higher quantities of tube bending services, Axenics uses an automated CNC Tube Bending machine.

Experts in Tube Bending

Our technicians provide precision tube bending for a variety of metals, including: stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, copper, aluminum and several additional alloys. Axenics is capable of bending tubing that ranges in size from 1/16”to 2”. Our expert tube bending technicians have years of experience and are highly trained to provide the most accurate bends possible. All of our bends are leak tested before they leave the facility as a part of our strict quality policy.

Tube Bending Process

The Axenics metal tube bending process uses several bending tools, hand benders and/or our automated CNC bending machine, depending on the specific project requirements. Axenics uses mandrels, which help to maintain the shape of the tubing and prevent the unit from collapsing.

Benefits of Precision Tube Bending

Precision tube bending is often used in the aerospace industry for liquid and gas delivery, predominantly for cooling purposes. The benefits of this process include leak prevention, cost savings, space savings, and a smoother finish, among others. Hand bending requires a low initial investment and the tools are easy to operate. Hand bending tools are also portable and safe to operate.

Leak Prevention

Tube bending services allow for the bending of one piece of tubing vs. welding multiple units together or connecting them with extra fittings. By eliminating the need for fittings and welds within a complex assembly. Bending helps with eliminating joints, which decreases the potential risk of leaks and contamination.

Space Saving

Precision tube bending is done to fit tubing into specific space requirements. With fewer fittings and decreased labor requirements, there is a significant cost savings benefit. Instead of requiring a larger labor force, such as a welder, technician and finisher, tube bending requires one tube bending technician.

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