Orbital Welding

Axenics specializes in cleanroom orbital welding for high-purity stainless steel, Inconel and titanium. Orbital welding is a clean and efficient way to join tubes, flanges, elbows, joints and more as part of complex assemblies, no matter the application. In order to achieve the cleanest environment possible, tubes and fittings are welded in a high-purity, contaminant-free environment.

High Purity Welding

Axenics understands the importance of keeping damaging corrosives away from metal tubing. Impurities trapped inside the tube could ruin an entire process, and cause a significant loss of time and money. Axenics has developed precise cleanroom orbital welding practices for tubing in high purity gas boxes, gas and fluid handling systems and more.

Axenics Orbital Welding Process

Axenics specializes in performing cleanroom orbital welding services as well as vacuum manifolds in tubing ranging from 1/8” diameter to 4” diameter. Axenics uses argon for both external and internal purges to keep the welds exceptionally clean. Our orbital welds achieve 100% penetration to ensure meeting the customers’ specifications and standards.

Computerized Orbital Welding

Axenics uses computerized orbital welding technology, allowing us to set the welding schedule ahead of time. By specifying the particular metal to be welded, the machine adjusts the process accordingly. This saves a considerable amount of lead-time.

Benefits of Orbital Welding

Orbital welding provides a clean, consistent weld. It is also a more efficient process, which can decrease valuable lead-time. Axenics offers customized welding services to provide unique solutions to complex systems and specifications.

Benefits of Computerized Orbital Welding

Axenics’ cleanroom orbital welding services are computerized and can document the entire welding process including the time, date, weld schedule, and even the specific employee performing the welding. This allows traceable orbital welding operations for certain specifications that may require it. In addition, our computer-controlled process results in repeatable, high quality welds.

Our Class 100 cleanroom environment allows us to build particle-free components and assemblies.

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