Specialty Piping Kits

Axenics provides an array of “dock-to-stock” specialty pipe and tubing kits for OEM manufacturing companies. Our specialty plastic or metal piping kits are often used in the internal processes of various OEM’s systems.

Full End-to-End Solution

Axenics will often manufacture and direct-ship the piping kits as well. By ordering specialty piping kits from Axenics, customers can reduce the need for custom tube bending on site, which can be both costly and time consuming. By having Axenics produce repeatable specialty piping kits in a cleanroom environment, purity levels can be kept high as well.

Benefits of Specialty Piping Kits

Our services reduce maintenance on the customer’s end, in addition to lowering customer down time and production costs. It also makes installation easier for the customer, since all of the kits are exactly the same each time. Customers can order a kit with a single part number rather than multiple part numbers, which makes procurement less complex, and decreases the risk of errors.

Designed and Built to Specification

Axenics can design and develop specialty piping kits based on customer needs, and/or specifications. Some specialty piping kits also include tube bending in addition to straight lengths of tubing. Our kits are designed to fit into your machine perfectly every time.

Industry Applications

Axenics produces specialty piping kits for the following applications:

  • Gas delivery
  • DI/RO water
  • Stainless steel vacuum
  • Smoke detection systems
  • Stainless steel, chemical delivery

Tube Cutting, Bending and Welding

All of our tube cutting, bending services are performed with the highest level of precision. Our technicians are dedicated to providing services that are:

  • Extremely clean
  • Repeatable
  • Highly Accurate

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