Gas Panels

Axenics has more than 30 years of experience in building gas panels and gas boxes for a variety of industrial applications.  Our experienced engineers and supply chain experts work directly with our customers and materials suppliers from the initial design phase through manufacturing and delivery.

Experts in Gas Handling

Axenics is well qualified to build efficient handling systems for gas, liquid and chemical delivery. We build custom sub-assemblies of complex gas boxes designed to fit the specific needs of our customers. Axenics is dedicated to providing an end product that is of superior quality, and that it is also delivered on time and within budget.

Built to Specification

Axenics builds gas panels to customer order specifications and designs. Calling on our in-house engineering and design capabilities, we help our customers determine the right type of gas panel based on what they are trying to accomplish, and then we build what they need.

This larger skid build shows you some of the gas cabinets we have the ability to do.

Building a complex gas delivery system doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process.

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