Complex Assembly Services

Axenics excels at building complex assemblies using both metal and plastic materials in a wide range of industrial applications. Our certified staff is capable of producing complex sub-assemblies, cleanroom assemblies, prototype assemblies, gas box assemblies and skid builds that include wiring and electrical components.

Experts in Complex Assemblies

Axenics excels in complex assembly projects involving a large number of parts, complicated processes, and/or testing. The assemblies Axenics builds may consist of various valves, regulators and fittings, and can be made in multiple configurations and quantities as needed. Our skilled technicians perform all of the tube bending, tube cutting, welding, assembling, testing, and certification for the complex assemblies we produce. We will test to the particular specifications required by our customers, in addition to industry standard requirements.

Benefits of Working with Axenics

Axenics’ value proposition is combining our expertise in high purity stainless steel and PTFE tube bending and welding with complex assembly capabilities. Working with our engineers and our proprietary methods, we are typically able to significantly reduce the amount of piping in assemblies and gas delivery systems. Axenics offers both open concept cells and dedicated manufacturing stations. Each of our locations utilizes a Kanban inventory system, and our MRP system is fully integrated, allowing for efficient scheduling and controlled lead times.

Custom Assemblies

With more than 30 years of experience in working with stainless steel and high purity plastic piping, Axenics has the ability to build complex assemblies of all sizes, shapes and specifications in quantities from one to thousands. Our expert technicians work directly with our customers to design and develop a custom system based on their specific needs and challenges, or to improve existing systems when appropriate, by utilizing our in-house engineering and design capabilities.

Axenics Complex Assembly Services


Axenics employs Kanban as a means of providing the most efficient scheduling and time saving solution for our clients.

Engineering and Design Services

In addition to offering standard component and contract manufacturing services to the industries we serve, Axenics also provides custom design and engineering solutions upon request.

Making the Move

Learn about the benefits of working with a contract manufacturer that can provide complex assembly services in addition to your component manufacturing needs.

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